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Walmart ladies room

Same-Sex Marriage Will Abolish Civil Rights


(1 min Audio Report – Freedom’s Call)

Bentonville, Arkansas, public school district board member And Walmart attorney, Grant Little, has proposed adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the schools’ non-discrimination policy.

In a letter sent to the school district, Liberty Counsel suggest that Mr. Little should assist the mega-store in getting its own house in order before changing the schools’ policies.

After Walmart changed its non-discrimination policy, offenses increased.

For example, a Walmart employee, Marty Ortiz, in Billings, Montana, insisted on using the women’s restroom over the objection of nearly 40 male employees. The offensive behavior of Mr. Ortiz included urinating in the women’s restroom while standing up with the stall door open.

Transsexual rights are NOT civil rights, but rather the abolition of civil rights and decency.



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