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When Phony is Fabulous and Real is Repulsive


On the cover of Vanity Fair, Bruce Jenner fails the woman test because he still looks like a guy. The facial structure, the expression, the broad shoulders remain far removed from authentic femininity and that’s because he’s a phony. In spite of presidential congratulations for his “courage,” it’s not true.

It doesn’t take much courage to re-invent yourself.

For him to be who he really is — a very nice-looking, God-blessed specimen of manhood– would have been the courageous act, since he apparently found it to be intolerable. How bizarre is that?

Therein lies the answer to the question, “Why?” Jenner is Exhibit A of the driving ethic of “LGBTQ” identifiers, which is ingratitude and dissatisfaction. There is no peace within and because of that, they will create chaos for many others, too– and even at times expect taxpayers to support their delusions.

God’s design for male and female form and function is repulsive to the sexually confused, so an artificial reality must be constructed. Like all forms of conjuring, God’s Word calls this rebellion.

The psychiatric community once called it mental illness, but that medical standard is vanishing. They too have begun to carry fables into the exam room, all in the name of “cultural context.” Two states now have top public health physicians who are men posing as women– Pennsylvania and Virginia.

But western culture is devolving into even more insane types of masquerade. The “transabled” are people who harm themselves to create a disability, like amputating a limb on purpose. No, I am not kidding.

Where did America’s fantasy orientation come from? Hollywood can certainly bear some of the blame. The ABC “Sham-ily” Channel now features young teen boys sharing a first kiss as well as a teen’s dad who is “transitioning” into fake womanhood. Dan Savage, a perversion activist who takes anti-Christian obscenity to new lows, stars in the ABC network’s latest dump in the culture’s cesspool. Savage is a fake “comedian,” a scoffer of real men and families. But if you dare object, you become the problem. The end game is that denial of pretense becomes “discrimination.”

“You can’t possibly expect him to stay in the closet!” Actually, yes, some of us do expect a restraint of deviant impulses for the sake of cultural sanity, a high standard for children, public health and safety. Or there’s another excellent option: he (Bruce) can seek counseling to reconcile his mind and spirit to his actual body.

But reality is becoming the new “N” word. Among other spell-casters, Southern Poverty Law Center’s lawyers are giving a whole new meaning to being abolitionists, since they now want to extinguish fact-based justice. Their latest display of “courage” is to attempt to obliterate heterosexuality as normal by attacking JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality, a counseling organization that helps clients who want to overcome same sex attractions. SPLC fumes over the choice to develop one’s natural heterosexual identity chosen over a homosexual one.

Incapable of objectivity, or well-compensated for blindness, SPLC refuses to see how terribly unsuited homosexual behavior is to male and female humans. So SPLC has sued JONAH for “consumer fraud” in New Jersey.

And after that, I’m sure SPLC will be intellectually honest and sue GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, for repeatedly suggesting to other people’s minor children that it’s perfectly normal to “question” one’s sexuality and experiment with homosexual behavior or gender confusion. Or maybe we’ll be waiting until pigs fly for that suit to be filed.

There are a few sane people left, though, and we are asking why our leaders seldom question the rush into possibly the most sweeping social experiment of all time. We have just crossed a line where we don’t simply allow open psychological disturbance, we now celebrate and exalt the delusions of troubled people.

The phony is now normal and the real is aberrant.

To be fair, all of us humans have a bit of dissatisfaction and desire for improvement– “Lord, why can’t I be thinner, have different hair, more athletic ability?” etc. And a certain amount of striving to be our best is not bad, as long as we avoid drifting into covetousness, and otherwise seek God’s will as revealed in Scripture.

The homosexually-inclined or gender-confused person seeks to wipe the divine blueprint off the drawing board. The passion for change goes to core function and design, defying the first identity, one’s biological gender.

Every obstetrician suspects that his/her biggest duty to parents is to announce the birth sex. “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” is usually the first statement greeting an infant human. Will affirming the sex of one’s birth soon be banned as bigoted name-calling?

When Jesus cited the Genesis account of God’s creation of male and female in Matthew 19, He didn’t provide another alternative, “T.” Nor did He, in describing marriage, make exception for unions between people of the same sex. Scripture presents one unchanging model of sexuality that pleases God: one man/ one woman marriage.

But the Chinese know that a male and female are a matched pair. So do Eskimos, Egyptians, and Kenyans. No human needs to be a follower of Jesus to use common powers of observation. It’s so self-evident that most cultures and faiths have historically provided no allowance for gender-switching or homosexuality. Either practice defies observable human form and function, and both have rightly been considered evidence of emotional/mental disorder and social pathology.

What is the most frightening trend of all is the extension of defilement into the lives of our children. Seven- year olds are being given puberty-blocking hormones as a “right.” Middle schoolers are being taken on field trips to sex shops. And a sixth grader is praised in Durham, North Carolina for starting a school “gay-straight alliance” (a homosexual club). Such budding leadership potential is encouraged by the boy’s father, according to gushing news accounts.

This should be stark evidence to many that we are not simply a culture in decline. We are looking more and more like a nation committing suicide.

The deception is so deep that the New York Times wants Bruce Jenner to be a “real” woman, a feminist, not simply a cardboard female. Too bad. That option will never be open to Bruce. He can call himself Caitlyn or Cleopatra, but it’s never going to change the God-ordained gender he was born with and will die with. He needs our prayers but not our affirmation.

Bruce Jenner is still a guy, and God is not mocked.


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