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The Devil’s Ruse: How the LGBT Lobby is Harming Women


LGBT activists, like all good fascists, promote their agenda by ridiculing their opponents. The same people who are always complaining about “hate speech” are in fact remarkably skilled at it themselves.

Words like “bigot” and “homophobe” are their go-to insults for any dissenters. But, sometimes, basic English just doesn’t measure up to the level of frustration and vitriol they feel inside.

This rage is the inevitable result of their futile war against reality and biology. Hence, they are forced to invent new words to express their feelings and project them onto perceived enemies.

One such word that has garnered a lot of press in recent months is terf.

Terf, in case you did not know, is an acronym meaning “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.” This is a word designed to bully and intimidate liberal women who, strangely enough, do not believe people like Bruce Jenner should get to qualify as women.

For example, if you are a feminist or left-leaning woman and you express the opinion that ladies restrooms should be used only by “women born women,” the LGBT activists will pounce on you with the terf slur.

The level of hatred trans-women have toward real women is disturbingly reminiscent of the movie Silence of the Lambs. It follows this basic thought process: “You’re so privileged to have been born a woman…You can’t understand my pain…So shut your mouth!”

If you don’t believe me, look up the #TERFs hashtag on Twitter and see for yourself.

Tweets for Chris' Article 1

Tweets for Chris' Article

However, one misogynistic addition to the English language was not enough, so they invented another: swerf. Swerf stands for “Sex Work-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.”

“Sex work,” by the way, is the LGBT term for what we used to call prostitution—as if selling sex is just a job like any other. Fighting the stigma of “sex work” is an upcoming item on the LGBT agenda. It is one of their favored occupations, after all.

But if you are a feminist who does not believe that prostitution is empowering for women then you are nothing more than a dirty swerf traitor.

Just as no one is allowed to dissent from the gay agenda without being called “homophobic,” no one will be allowed to dissent from the “sex work” agenda without being called “whorephobic” (yes, that’s an actual word they are using).

The LGBT brownshirts do not care about the countless studies showing how legalizing prostitution only increases demand for sex trafficking in young girls. This is a movement so self-centered and contemptuous that it completely ignores the welfare of children.

And if you doubt that “sex work” is coming to America—just wait. There are no longer any philosophical barriers to decriminalizing prostitution. The playbook has already been written.

The Supreme Court has already legalized abortion and sodomy under an alleged “right to privacy” hidden in the 14th Amendment. Why can’t this same right also be used to cover private “transactions” between “consenting adults”? If the government has no authority to legislate sexual morality, as the Court effectively declared in Lawrence v. Texas (2003) and other rulings, then it has no basis for criminalizing the buying and selling of sex.

Much of the culture is currently still horrified by prostitution. But do not underestimate the power of the LGBT lobby to twist public opinion. In the 1990s people would have laughed at the idea of gay “marriage.” Yet, here we are.

If LGBT activists can persuade everyone to play along with the idea that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner, is it really that much of a stretch to think they could persuade us that “sex work” should be considered part of a woman’s right to choose?

Furthermore, because of the current high-rate of porn addiction, much of the country has already been primed to swallow this poison. Pornography is the perfect propaganda for prostitution. It teaches men how to be johns, and spreads the lie that women enjoy degrading encounters.

Sexual liberation is, in the end, only liberating for men. It liberates men to abort unwanted babies so they can avoid responsibility. It liberates men to have sex with men. It liberates men to become women. And, soon, it will liberate men to buy women.

Although sexual liberation is always sold as a plea for greater female freedom, this is the devil’s ruse. Ultimately, sexual liberation always turns into the degradation and repression of women and girls. The gay agenda, as the vanguard of this movement, contains a thinly veiled current of misogyny—of hatred for real women.

Increasing numbers of liberal women are waking up to this and becoming alarmed. On Sunday, the New York Times published an op-ed titled, “What Makes a Woman?” by feminist writer Elinor Burkett which gives voice to some of these concerns. Unfortunately for Ms. Burkett and those like her, the crazy train of liberalism has already jumped the rails.

As Christians, we should respond to this mess by reviving the forgotten art of chivalry. If every woman is the daughter of a King, which is a fact, then every woman is a princess and should be treated as such. Going out of our way to be courteous is perhaps harder than ever in this age, but it remains the level of etiquette appropriate to the followers of Christ.

However, transgenders make a mockery of this whole ethic. Bruce Jenner, with his sultry poses and eyeliner, is a parody of what a real woman is. Transgenderism and chivalry cannot co-exist. If we’re seriously going to entertain the idea of men becoming women, then the value of chivalry will have to be sacrificed and buried once and for all.

Will we let that happen?

Chivalry is beautiful. Transgenderism is a farce. In this age, the duties of the chivalrous man will have to include calling out the fake “women” for what they are.


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