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FRC Launches Partnership with USA Radio Networks!


Americans fed up with the liberal media are about to have more options!

FRC is excited to announce that USA Radio Networks is adding “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” to its growing number of syndicated programs.

The move, which will expand FRC’s voice to hundreds of stations across the country, kicks off next Monday, June 8, in the 5:00-6:00 (ET) hour.

In the last few years, “Washington Watch” has gained national prominence for its live interviews with several U.S. Senators and Congressmen each week.

Radio has only become more important to our mission to keep God-fearing Americans informed and equipped to respond to the policy and cultural challenges of our day. We look forward to partnering with USA Radio Networks to advance faith, family, and freedom across the country.

To carry “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” in your area, contact USA Radio Networks Affiliate Relations Department at 844-500-0812 or at


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