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FRC: Going Where the Tweeple Are

Every day, Family Research Council champions the truth that faith, family, and freedom are what created America, and have sustained her greatness for over two centuries.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Tony Perkins standing strong for religious freedom on television, or read FRC experts like Ken Blackwell and Rob Schwarzwalder weighing in on the critical issues of the day in national and local newspapers across the country.

But as Pew Research recently revealed, the discussion over the things we hold dear is increasingly moving online. More Americans, and younger Americans in particular, are getting the majority of their news and commentary from social media.

Because of your help, FRC is already deeply engaged in this online conversation. We are, as Teddy Roosevelt might say, your “man in the Twitter arena.”

On Twitter, Tony Perkins and FRC experts share breaking news and offer insights in real time on the events that impact your family. We’re reaching millions of Americans on Twitter each month, but we need your help to take these online efforts to the next level.

If you’re using Twitter but aren’t already following @TPerkins and @FRCdc, please take a moment to do so. It’s one small step you can take to help us connect with more Americans, and in return we’ll help keep you up to speed on all the pro-family news that’s fit to tweet.

Plus we’ll inject a little encouragement into your news feed.

And while you’re at it, here’s a tweet to help get you started: Tweet: America is built on faith, family and freedom. Thanks to @TPerkins and @FRCdc for standing strong on what matters most.


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