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Human Rights Tribunal Looks at Eliminating Gender on Birth Certificates

By Rebekah Maxwell – BarbWire guest contributor

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is upon us

This one’s for all the parents raising their little snowflakes in our brave new world. Remember that first moment you saw their little faces? By ultrasound, or even just after delivery, when the doctor smiles up at you and says: “Congratulations! It’s a…something!”

That’s right, the archaic notion of boys and girls, sons and daughters, male and female, it’s all on the way out, as our brightest minds continue to push us toward progress…away from biology (and reality).

As always, Canada shows us the way forward.

A Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia is considering whether to eliminate gender altogether on baby’s birth certificates.

The Trans Alliance Society filed a complaint about the basic practice, arguing:

“…doctors should stop assigning the sex of a baby based on a quick inspection of the baby’s genitals at birth when there’s a possibility they may identify under a different gender, or no gender, years later. (National Post)”

“Birth certificates (may) give false information about people and characterize them in a way that is actually wrong, that assumes to be right, and causes people … actual harm,” said Morgane Oger, a transgender woman in Vancouver and chair of the society.

“It’s considered true and infallible when it isn’t.”

Because nothing is, of course. Nothing is true and infallible, unless you want it to be. I’d imagine Mr/Ms Oger considers his new gender to be true, despite anatomical and biological evidence to the contrary. In fact, I know “she” would call his “she-ness” true…because he is now forcing the culture to conform to his version of truth.

Funny how forceful the tolerance mob can be.

“The current regime falsely presumes there are two genders, that genders never change and that you can tell a child’s gender at birth,” said Vancouver human rights lawyer barbara findlay [sic], who is representing the complainants (and spells her name in all lower case).

Note: A woman who has made it her mission to deconstruct the most basic building blocks of human identity chooses to spell her name in all lower case…because she’s special.

findlay goes on:  “That means that children are raised ‘as’ the birth-assigned gender, which is a crazy-making experience.”

“A crazy-making experience”? To identify oneself by basic biology? The way 99.99999999999997% of all living things have always done? Well, surely we are ALL crazy…and the men saying they now feel like women on the inside are the only sane among us.

“Instead of living in a social reality that recognizes that gender develops, and does not exist at birth, those children have nothing to work with except that something feels profoundly wrong,” findlay said via email.

The only way, she said, to know one’s gender identity is to ask that person. “At law, gender identity trumps what is between one’s legs.”

Their complaint states “it is impossible to tell an individual’s gender at birth” therefore, “it is discriminatory to issue a birth certificate with that information on it.”

Impossible. Quite. It seems our blessed science (with it’s 99.99999999999997% success rate of determining male from female anatomy) cannot neither predict our feelings, nor change to suit them. Forgive the sacrilege, but it must be that science (gasp!) has failed us. (Those experts had better stick to those climate change predictions we’re supposed to fear).

Surprisingly, those advocating the elimination of gender distinctions are facing some challenges: in statistical, medical, and official realms, all of which recognize (and therefore require) a designation of sex. They seem to think that there is a difference between boys and girls, just because there is. And that is hardly enlightened.

So, a nation whose provinces identify transgender inmates based on their identity, not their anatomy, and have mandated gay-straight alliances in all schools, and outlaws any “intolerant” Bible talk (naturally), shouldn’t have much trouble eliminating the recognition of gender whatsoever.

While the experts at the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Psychological Association had no comment on the story, “both organizations said they support the right of adolescents and adults to define their own gender identity.”

So why not support their right to declare that no one can have a gender at all? Why not remove that reality from every baby, because it better fits what a tiny portion of adults want to be true?

As this author observed last year, when a “transgender activist” declared that doctors identifying a baby’s gender was “bullying” and “playing Russian Roulette with your child’s life:”

It’s not just society that we’re blaming for presumptive or constricting gender-roles…it’s now the doctors who call biology as they see it.  It’s every parent who names these new little bundles of androgyny Patrick or Patricia…when they should all be Pat. Not to mention those evil pregnant mamas who celebrate their child’s gender before he/she/it is even born! (Biological bigots.)

What is achieved by proclaiming a self-evident biological fact?

Why not let your 2-year old tell you what gender they want to be? After all, that’s what parents are for, to cater to their child’s preferred reality.

In fact, why stop there? What else has biology been lying to us about?

Why do we determine a child’s species at birth? Why not let your precious bundle of androgyny declare what species they want to be when they’re old enough to decide? Maybe your baby is really a dog on the inside.

Just because their parents are human (and male and female they were created), and their DNA is human, and they look, breathe, grow and function like humans…that doesn’t mean they want to be human. So why treat them as though they’re human?

Besides, two days before they were born, the law says they weren’t.

So why does it matter what science says…about anything?


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