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Bernie Sanders and Finding Common Ground on Wealth Redistribution


Bernie Sanders made several announcements showing that he wants the government to take even more money from some people and give it to others.

Perhaps the U.S. should find common ground with him through a Bipartisan Taxation Act that would tax Democrats and other Marxists at a 110% rate?

Vermont senator and socialist Bernie Sanders announced that he is running for the U.S. presidency.

Since that time he has made several calls for a redistribution of wealth. Being a socialist at one time would have disqualified a person from any office in the U.S., as would have calls to take money from one group of people in order to give it to another group.

But times have changed. And change, we are told, is always good. Likewise we are told that we must adapt to change and learn to work with it—no holding onto the past. Very well.

In the spirit of embracing change and bipartisanship, and in light of Bernie Sanders declaring that he wants “free” college for everyone and an end to “wealth inequality,” I propose the Bipartisan Taxation Act. The proposal is a modest one and one that Democrats and Republicans, left and right, should eagerly endorse.

The Bipartisan Taxation Act would levy a 110% tax on all Democrats and other Marxists, which therefore would include many Republicans and self-identifying conservatives (including those who embrace concepts such as an expansive government, drug legalization, hatred for a strong national defense, sodomy, abortion, and so forth).

The Act would first require that Democrats and other Marxists voluntarily forfeit everything they own. The definition of “voluntary” is the same one Harry Reid used when he and other Democrats said that paying other taxes is “voluntary.” Once the Marxists turn everything they own over to the state they would still owe the U.S. more.

Marxists would pay the nation the additional and legally owed amount through deeds and words. The deeds and words they would do and say would be determined by a yet-to-be-determined cabinet member who would define such matters as they see fit.

However, possible deeds could include tearing down colleges and universities which now serve as thoughtless indoctrination centers. We’re all against ignorance and indoctrination, so certainly we all can agree that the destruction of indoctrination centers is a good thing.

The yet-to-be-determined cabinet member might also choose to send the Marxists overseas to pay us the 10% they owe the nation. They could serve as ambassadors in places such as Iran, Iraq, and Syria, using their words to bring about peace with the Islamic Caliphate.

The U.S. has already declared that Islamic extremists have legitimate grievances, and the Marxists can learn what they are in order to bring about peace. In fact, the more Marxists we can send to such places the better.

We already have people clamoring for a day to honor those who want “peace” and therefore there certainly are plenty of people who would be willing to go to war zones to bring about peace.

America now readily accepts the taking of wealth from some in order to give it to others. And with Bernie Sanders being a serious candidate for the U.S. presidency the nation can assuredly get behind my proposed Bipartisan Taxation Act, which accepts the change the nation has seen and embraces the ideals of Republicans and Democrats, left and right.

Contact your representatives today and urge them to find common ground by drafting this Act and passing it into law.


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