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Who Is ‘Silencing’ Whom?


Perhaps @juliezeilinger would care to debate this?

This is the dynamic at the heart of online harassment more generally, which, feminists have previously noted, is largely an attempt to silence women. Gamergate — a movement, ostensibly started to improve ethics in video game journalism, that morphed into a campaign of horrifying, misogynistic comments and threats directed at female gamers and critics — is one infamous example.

This harassment, Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti wrote in October, is “the last, desperate gasp of misogynists facing an unwelcoming future” and is essentially the way “straight white men deal with a world that no longer revolves exclusively around them.”

Read the whole thing, which involves a story about a college feminist who was murdered.

Police haven’t said anything about the motive for the murder of Grace Mann and, although there has been a great deal of speculation. it is not yet possible to know whether her murder was a consequence of her campus activism.

There is, however, another problem involved here.

Neither Julie Zeilinger nor Jessica Valenti nor any other feminist will address the totalitarian climate fostered by feminism’s uncontested hegemony in academia. It is predictable that “straight white men” (why only white men, Jessica?) on university campuses don’t enjoy being constantly accused of misogyny simply because they are “straight white men.”

Exactly what are these young students, scapegoated for the crime of being male, supposed to do in reaction to such propaganda? Who will speak on their behalf?

How is any student (regardless of whether they are male or female, whatever their ethnic identity or sexual orientation) supposed to obtain access to any articulate, factual and rational opposition to the anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology taught in university Women’s Studies programs?

Is there any faculty member who would risk disputing feminist gender theory — the “social construction” of the gender binarywithin the heterosexual matrix — after Larry Summers was purged at Harvard University merely for suggesting that there may be “innate differences” between men and women”?

Nobody on campus is allowed to criticize feminist theory nor to mention the hideous hatefulness of feminist rhetoric. Our universities are teaching feminists that they can lie with impunity, defame innocent people without consequence, and claim victimhood (“harassment!”) if anyone objects to their lies and insults.

Every time Christina Hoff Sommers sets foot on a university campus, she is deliberately smeared, accused of being a “rape denialist,” and no one in authority — not a single administrator at any university — will dare say a word against the deranged fanaticism of the feminists who engage in these brownshirt tactics.

As I explain on page 54 of Sex Trouble:

Unless we are willing to oppose feminism now, we may find ourselves eventually living in a totalitarian society where such opposition is prohibited by law.”

And “eventually” could arrive much sooner than most people imagine.

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