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Tony Perkins Watchman

Watchmen: Standing on the Wall and in the Gap


“As in David’s day, there was a giant shouting. So we shouted back and ran to the battle.”

That’s how Dr. Steve Riggle, the latest recipient of our annual Watchmen on the Wall Award, described the response of Houston area pastors to the subpoenaing of their sermons and communications by the City of Houston.

If Pastor Riggle is representative of the awakening taking place among American pastors, then giants everywhere should take notice. “The movement to turn the day is already set up because the people are already fed up… all we need is for pastors to take their prophetic place and like David, run to the battle.”

During the second day of our Watchmen on the Wall conference, hundreds of pastors were challenged to engage in the public square with a three-fold call to pray, preach, and partner. Senior Pastor of Times Square Church, Carter Conlon, challenged America’s shepherds to join with people of faith and make prayer a priority.

Pastor of Chicago’s Moody Church, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, reminded the gathering that even as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego faced the fiery furnace of the king’s wrath, so too must pastors be willing to preach the truth and submit themselves to God alone: “Life is short, eternity is long. Let us remain faithful to God no matter the cost.”

Banding together, Pastor Riggle said, is critical for pastors, because “every cause has a cost” and you’ll need those who’ll stand with you.

Ministers were ministered to by Bishop Wellington Boone, and learned that even atheists need God to make their case from apologist Frank Turek.

After receiving instruction on how to prepare their churches for the 2016 election, Bishop E.W. Jackson helped frame our engagement with a hurting culture in a rousing speech that had the audience up on their feet and clapping.

“People think we’re angry, but we’re brokenhearted… it ought to make us weep that so many have hardened their hearts toward him.”

FRC’s Executive Vice President, Lt. General Jerry Boykin, shared powerful lessons from the infantry, and after the shofar was blown, I closed the conference by praying the words of Ephesians 6 and commissioning the pastors to be watchmen on the walls in their community.

To hear any of these powerful messages head over to the Watchmen Pastors website.


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