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Peace of Jerusalem

Imagination Break: If You Were Israel Withstanding Daily Attacks


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


To better understand world events, I invite you to take an imagination break.

Imagine that there are people who hate you; who want to take your property so they can move right next to you. But they don’t just hate you, they want to kill you and your children.

Even worse, they have already attempted to take your life and proclaim to all who will listen how they will rid the earth of you.

Now imagine a friend of yours believes in the interest of peace, that you should give your land over to the people who want to kill you. Would you listen to such advice?

That’s where the nation of Israel is right now. And that advice is preposterous and dangerous whether it comes from the Obama administration, the United Nations or even the Pope.

Stand with Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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