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Cowardly Lyin’ Kills Louisiana Bill


There’s an endangered species in Louisiana, and it’s called the truth.

Liberals proved that today, as members of the state’s Civil Law Committee turned their backs on the facts of the Marriage and Conscience Act and voted to send the bill back to the calendar, effectively killing it.

Despite the overwhelming support of voters and the governor, state lawmakers gave into the Left’s lies and distortions, sinking a key measure that would have protected Louisianans from state-sponsored persecution.

Rather than read the bill, Chairman Neil Abramson argued that the perception is that H.B. 707 discriminates — which is a ridiculous assertion recycled from the Indiana debate (about an entirely different bill!). Amazingly, Abramson admitted that he wasn’t looking for the truth of what the bill accomplishes.

Instead, he deliberately called for the vote based on the Left’s propaganda. All the Marriage and Conscience Act guarantees is that the government can’t punish a person, business, or organization for holding the same beliefs that President Obama did three years ago: that marriage is the union of a man and woman.

More than 500 businesses and individuals had already signed a petition signaling their support for the bill. Unfortunately, that support fell on deaf ears, as committee members caved to cowardice, hiding behind the gross misinformation campaign of the Left.

In front of a packed room, the Committee voted against religious liberty and should be held accountable by the 67% of Louisianans who back the bill. As our good friend, Louisiana Family Forum President Gene Mills said, “The Marriage and Conscience Act is not a sword but a shield” to protect the majority of voters who support natural marriage.

If anyone needs a shield on Election Day, it’s the 10 committee members who chose to stand against religious freedom.

We thank Governor Jindal for his leadership on this bill and hope that he uses the power of his office to ensure that Louisianans remain free to follow their beliefs about marriage without fear of retaliation by the government.


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