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Time to Repeal Christian Gag Orders


Did you know that in the many parts of the country, you can be fired or driven out of business just for being a faithful Christian?

It’s true. And the “gay” lobby gleefully hopes for more such laws in the near future. Not content with trying to wreck marriage, Big Gay has announced a push in coming months for more so-called “employment non-discrimination” (ENDA) laws that include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

For example, a new bill has just been introduced in Idaho with aggressive lobbying by the ACLU.

These measures should really be called “gag” orders, because the goal is to criminalize speech and Christian faith. They give sexual anarchists an effective tool to force Christian businesses to close up shop. The gadget used? State and local “ENDA” laws.

The big prize would be a federal “ENDA,” the utopian dream of “LGBT” activists, essentially designating sodomy and sex change as civil rights. And may God help us, truly, if this happens.

Christians have been fired or have lost contracts just for supporting authentic marriage (Brendan Eich, Craig James, the Benham brothers, Dr. Frank Turek). The misuse of the notion of “discrimination” through “ENDA” laws or corresponding company policies has been instrumental in these dismissals.

This new campaign has tyrannical goals and a duplicitous name as well: “Freedom for All Americans.” Substantial financial backing will come from leftist Republican, Paul Singer, as well as wealthy homosexual, Tim Gill, helping the sexual rebellion lobby sell American politicians on the lie that it’s “fair” to enact such laws at the state and federal level.

Hopefully politicians have wised up to the vicious tactics of the “gay” lobby by now. Because if homosexuality is declared to be “marriage” by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, “ENDA” measures will be a platform issue in the 2016 elections, with pledges for support demanded by the left.

Want Christian beliefs to become a crime?

Then go ahead back such bills. Your far-left buddies in the Democratic Party will stand with you.

But candidates who believe in freedom of religion and freedom of speech and are tired of being dupes to the wicked “gay” agenda will say, “No way!” Taking a lesson from the Mike Pence School of Cowardly Mistakes, any politician who backs such measures is either ignorant or duplicitous. Worthy candidates today will refuse to hand the pink mafia a weapon to punish the most dependable American voters and workers: those who support high moral standards.

When homosexuals and cross dressers talk about “rights,” it means they want to limit yours. Free speech, freedom of religion, parental rights — few are respected under the pink umbrella. You will honor homosexual behavior or else.

But isn’t it time for some accountability?

If your teenager borrows the car and wrecks it, or uses a Facebook page to spread hurtful rumors about a peer, it’s time to take those privileges away. The “LGBT” lobby has shown it’s irresponsible, even vicious. Passing more so-called ”non-discrimination” laws with “LGBT” categories is a bad idea, AND the ones presently on the books must be repealed.

That’s right– repealed. It’s recently been done in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in Starkville, Mississippi, and in Springfield, Missouri. It was tried through a petition drive in Houston, undercut by their lawless lesbian mayor and her judicial cronies.

We can see how these laws are being used, and it’s not to prevent discrimination, but create it. Just ask former bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, cake-artist Jack Phillips and florist Barronelle Stutzman. These policies are not “LGBT protections.”

These “anti-discrimination bills” are, in reality, anti-Christian gag orders that support deeply immoral behavior.

Borrowing a line from the Big Gay playbook — or maybe I’ll just take it back since it was never true to begin with — homosexual bullies have figured out a way to use ENDA laws truly as a “license to discriminate.”

That’s the slogan devised by the major homosexual groups to undermine religious freedom restoration (RFRA) laws — you know, the First Amendment rights guaranteed to all Americans to speak our minds and live out our faith at home, at work, and in public life. While such blatant propaganda might work in Kabul or Tripoli to intimidate the populace, bold tyranny should face appropriately strong resistance in America.

If passed, these laws will unleash more dirty tricks at a level heretofore unseen. We think we’ve seen ugly, but imagine thousands of Hillary Clintons operating at the grass roots level throughout our nation. It will be lie upon lie upon lie…with little push back by the co-opted major media and yawns from the timid GOP establishment.

A federal “ENDA” law would create chaos and augment the bitter divisions we already see as a result of homosexual activism. It would close off the military to any viewpoint that questions gender and sexual anarchy, including by military chaplains.

Parents would discover, to their dismay, that progressive educators become more intentional than ever at openly indoctrinating schoolchildren to believe there’s “equality” between homosexuality and heterosexuality. Those who support man/woman marriage would be smeared as “haters” and become second-class citizens. Godly, sane sexual morality would be labeled bigotry and violators will be prosecuted. Just ask wedding photographers, bakers and florists.

No, the opposite needs to happen. Americans need to honor God and refuse to respect behaviors that God has called an abomination. Every “ENDA” law out there needs to be challenged and turned back, and the reason?

“Employment non-discrimination laws” are being misused and were never necessary in the first place. Certainly there are Americans who currently identify as homosexuals or who are confused about gender. But these are not immutable characteristics such as race. And every one of these folks already possesses basic rights of employment that other Americans do, and they do not need special rights that enable tawdry lifestyles.

And in doing this, Americans would not be practicing “discrimination.”

They would be acting informed by wisdom, a virtue sadly lacking in so many of our elected officials today.


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