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GoFundMe Reaches Hypocritical Mass


Aaron and Melissa Klein don’t have much in common with Ray Kasper, convicted sexual predator. But they have even less in common, now that the Kleins have been kicked off GoFundMe — and Ray remains.

The felon, who is fighting a “wrongful conviction” for sexual assault, is just one of the shocking examples of the fundraising company’s hypocrisy. A week after pulling the financial rug out from under the Christian bakers fined $135,000 and florist Barronelle Stutzman, GoFundMe’s alleged policy against raising money for “formal charges of heinous crimes” certainly rings hollow here.

For an organization that claims it doesn’t want to be involved with legally dubious donations, take a look at the other campaigns GoFundMe is still collecting cash for: help for a man who pleaded guilty for marijuana possession, three illegal immigrants facing deportation (two after committing a felony), a group arrested for chaining themselves to Utah tar sands mine equipment, a young man charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, a veterinarian suspended on serious “misconduct” charges, a woman accused of prescription forgery and shoplifting, a jailed dog abuser, a person pulled over for driving 92 mph without a license, a “fugitive from justice,” and a half-dozen more.

Obviously, GoFundMe has a selective disdain for lawbreakers, one that apparently only affects Christians with biblical views.

But then, maybe that’s why the website abruptly turned its Terms and Conditions into a playground of ambiguity.

The new policy, the Washington Times explains, “includes a ban on campaigns in defense of ‘claims of discriminatory acts'” — a more expansive and intentionally vague standard that could crowd out crowdfunding for conservatives.

All Melissa and Aaron Klein are guilty of is exercising the religious liberty the U.S. Constitution guarantees them — and for that, they were deemed unworthy of support by their fellow Americans. Obviously, the real reason had nothing to do with their litigation and everything to do with pressure from the radical Left.

If GoFundMe wants to discriminate against Christians, that’s their business. But at least have the spine to come right out and say it instead of inventing a phony excuse about wrongdoing. One look at their website and it’s clear: the only thing that’s criminal is their application of company guidelines.


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