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Lopsided poll shows Americans waking up, says Barber

By Charlie Butts

A pro-family activist says a recent poll suggests more Americans are aware of eroding religious liberties.

A poll conducted by The Associated Press shows that more Americans – a whopping 56 percent – believe religious freedom trumps so-called “gay rights,” when asked which is more important for the government to protect.

Matt Barber, founder of and a constitutional attorney, says the lopsided poll comes after homosexual activists have trampled religious rights.

“This idea of gay ‘marriage’ was never about them having the white picket fence,” Barber argues. “It was about them burning down the white picket fence, and forcing under penalty of law Christians to not just tolerate homosexual behavior and homosexual sin and the lifestyle, but to affirmatively celebrate and endorse it.”

The Associated Press reported on the poll:

Americans are more likely to say that religious liberties are more important for the government to protect than the rights of gays and lesbians, by a 56 percent to 40 percent margin, the poll found. 

The AP, reporting on its own poll, wrote that “a quarter of Americans call gay rights a very or extremely important issue to them personally, while half call religious liberties a very or extremely important issue.”

Despite the lopsided numbers, ABC News described the poll results as “nuanced views” on homosexual rights and religious liberty.

A second story of the same poll reported that Americans are “evenly split” on gay “marriage,” noting among its findings that 52 percent of Americans believe a wedding-related business should be able to refuse service for a homosexual ceremony.

The poll sampled 1,077 adults April 23 through April 27, using a sample that represents the U.S. population.

Citing the coming U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June, Barber suggests that “now is the time to speak up and say, We will not comply with an unjust law, we will not comply with an unjust ruling, and we will not endorse sinful same-sex marriage nor sinful homosexual behavior.”

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