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Cindy Jacobs Issues Urgent ‘Shields Up’ Prayer Alert about Nuclear Threat Against America


Cindy Jacobs has issued an urgent prayer alert for the body of Christ.

The alert points people to a dream about what seems to be a nuclear threat.

“For the Lord says, ‘Shields up! This is the time for the watchman to have keen eyes and discernment. The enemy is at the door and wants to stir up havoc, but I will give My people eagle eyes to see what is being planned,'” Jacobs says.

“Mark 4:22 says, ‘For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.”

With that preface, she pointed to a WND news story that reports U.S. agencies are warning about an imminent ISIS attack. Jacobs follows up that news byte with text from a warning dream from Jon Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries.

“Today I want to share with you an urgent prayer request from my friend Melissa Haskins. U.S. Naval warships have been sent to block Iranian weapons shipments, and she is sensing a strong warning to pray,” Hamil writes.

“I’ve known Melissa to be accurate prophetically over many years on national issues. A year ago, she had a warning dream. Though the dream was centered in Washington D.C., it seems very relevant to the current potential of a Naval conflict with Iran.”

Haskin’s dream warns of a nuclear attack on Washington D.C. and America. In it, she saw a large, locust-shaped boat—silver, shiny and chrome—pull up to the harbor. She described it as a luxury harbor cruise boat and people were having a party on board.

“I saw an African-American man and woman and knew he was going to propose to her. She was wearing a red dress. But the dress itself was shaped like a locust. I felt a warning in my spirit,” she wrote.

“Then I saw something strange (like some weird aircraft) fly low overhead and the same man remarked to me about it. Saying, ‘We are standing here in time to see this.'”

Hamil has issued prayer points around this dream, to thwart the attack. You can read them here, as well as more about the dream, but the bottom line is we need to pray for nuclear escalations to be restrained.


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