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Message to SCOTUS: We Will Not Obey an Unjust Law


For decades the LGBT community has worked to change American culture and opinions about homosexuality, and when necessary — force people who don’t agree by use of the courts.

They have assaulted our Christian faith, our tenets, and our core values with relentless and false assertions. We have been demonized as “Nazi-like,” “bigots,” “haters,” “homophobes” and many other derogatory terms.

Now, with their stronger foothold and the support of the Obama administration, these radicals are attempting to remove our constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom and conscience from the social and legal fabric of our nation.

For years I have publicly stated that radical homosexual activists were hiding their true agenda under the mask of “tolerance” and “civil rights.” Many Americans thought that the homosexual agenda was simply about acceptance and “human rights.”

I implore you to look no further than what is happening in the Supreme Court right now with the issue of marriage to understand that there is nothing hypothetical about what the LBGT community is trying to do.

The thin veil has been lifted, and we must all be very concerned.

If the Supreme Court ruling (expected in June), favors homosexual marriage, it will trigger a domino effect that will significantly impact people of faith, faith-based businesses; faith-based organizations (adoptions…); churches, pastors.

Most notably, a ruling in favor of homosexual marriage will utterly and completely transform the face of society and will result in the beginning of the end of Western Civilization!

The institution of marriage is the foundation of our entire culture, and it must be defended. That’s why I along with a number of prominent religious leaders have told the Supreme Court that this is a line that cannot be crossed.

We warned that if they do cross that line, WE WILL NOT OBEY — even if it means people of faith engage in acts of civil disobedience.

We have no choice. We cannot compromise our clear biblical convictions, our religious convictions. If pushed, we must take a stand. Will you join with us in principled resistance to an unjust law?

But know this… You are not alone!

For those liberty-minded Americans willing to stand with us, you have a promise, a commitment from me that Liberty Counsel will defend you should your religious rights come under assault as a result of this potentially disastrous ruling.

I’ve said this many times in the past, the Liberty Counsel Legal Team was created for these kinds of attacks, and we will defend those who are suddenly considered lawbreakers for merely exercising their religious rights.

Together, and by God’s grace, we must toil to take back our nation and to restore this great land to the guiding principles upon which it was founded.




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