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‘Leave America,’ Franklin Graham Tells Muslim Students Who Take This Unpatriotic Stand


You may have read about the University of Maryland cancelling a screening of the movie American Sniper after Muslim students complained. Evangelist Franklin Graham surely did—and he has something to say about it.

Indeed, Charisma News previously reported about how Muslim Middle Eastern and North African students at the University of Michigan were successful in their mission to cancel a campus screening of American Sniper—claiming the film promotes anti-Muslim rhetoric and made them feel unsafe.

The double-minded university changed its mind and decided to show the film, then changed it again to appease Muslims.

On that same day, Graham went to meet with wounded military veterans and their spouses who served this nation with honor, fighting to preserve our freedoms and many times shedding their own blood. Graham also called Chris Kyle was an American hero.

“It’s brave soldiers like these that make all of the freedoms we enjoy possible. Shame on the University of Maryland for listening to these voices!” Graham wrote on his Facebook page.” If these Muslim students can’t support the military members who do their job to protect us, let them leave America and go to a Muslim country. God bless America and our heroes!”


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