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Our Most Expensive President


What are we to make of a national leader who never tires of loudly denouncing “inequality,” and yet–at the public’s expense!–starts off the year by dining at a chi-chi restaurant which charges $500,000 a year for “Charter Membership”?

And how about that leader’s wife who takes time off from hectoring the people about their eating habits, and meddling with school cafeteria menus, to stuff her face at this same incredibly costly restaurant–again, at our expense?

Well, that’s what the President of all 57 states and the Worst Lady did for supper on Jan. 1, according to the Weekly Standard.

Oh, you can low-ball it and become a lowly “Special Member” for a mere $50,000. Either way, dinner for two will cost you about $1,000. They have a prix fixe menu, whatever that is, for $295.

There has never been a president who has rubbed our noses in it like the one we’ve got now. He could hardly be more contemptuous of us if he piled up a heap of tax money on the White House lawn and set fire to it.

Yes–fine dining, at extravagant cost, for a gavone who pronounces “corps” as “corpse” and claims to be able to speak “Austrian,” and so on. I would love to see the total tab for this lout’s entertainment, over six years.

Is this obscene, or what?

And where’s Occupy Wall Street?

If the Koch Bros. feel like dropping $1,000 on a single meal, they have to do it on their own dime. That makes it none of our business.

But when The Defender of the Poor and The Dietary Conscience of the Nation do it, and we suckers have to pay for it.

Well, we ought to be deeply ashamed of ourselves.


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