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What about Bobby?


If liberals want to pick a fight over religious liberty, they’ll have their hands full with my home state: Louisiana. Unlike other governors who have been quick to raise a white flag, Bobby Jindal is leading the charge for his state’s Marriage and Conscience Act, warning that he won’t back down. “In Indiana and Arkansas, large corporations recently joined left-wing activists to bully elected officials into backing away from strong protections for religious liberty. As the fight… moves to Louisiana, I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: Save your breath.”

In a strong op-ed for the New York Times, Jindal makes it clear that he’s no pushover when it comes to the First Amendment. No one should be forced by the government to violate their beliefs — regardless of where they work. Under Louisiana’s H.B. 707, the state can’t deny “a person, company or nonprofit a license, accreditation, employment, or contract — or taking other ‘adverse’ action — based on the person or entity’s religious views on the institution of marriage.”

Although corporations are already turning up the heat on Jindal, the Governor says, “They are free to voice their opinions, but they will not deter me.” Realizing that this is a watershed moment for religious liberty, Jindal writes, “Liberals have decided that if they can’t win at the ballot box, they will win in the boardroom. It’s a deliberate strategy. And it’s time for corporate America to make a decision. Those who believe in freedom must stick together: If it’s not freedom for all, it’s not freedom at all.” With the Left’s attack dogs on the loose in Louisiana and elsewhere, religious liberty is almost certainly going to be a major issue in 2016 — in more ways than one.

While conservatives scratch and claw for their right to exercise the same tolerance the Left enjoys, leaders like Speaker Boehner have their eyes on the global crisis. Religious liberty is at the center of ISIS’s storm, as dozens of innocents are slaughtered for the faith our country is so reluctant to protect. In a new blog post, the Speaker’s office catalogues the latest horrors, and asks: Is the Obama administration doing “all it can” to protect Christians all over the world? Even small gestures, like appointing Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom, have gone unfulfilled.

“The Obama White House’s actions have not gone unnoticed — and neither has its inaction, particularly when it comes to another long-empty position in the administration,” Boehner’s office writes. “It’s ironic that President Obama occasionally describes how the biblical phrase, ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ informs his policies. Increasingly, his administration is signaling to persecuted Christians around the world that they are one their own.”


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