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Franklin Graham: Is The World No Longer Shocked By Christians Having Their Heads Cut Off?


ISIS released a video Sunday showing the brutal execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. Fifteen were beheaded. Fifteen were shot.

Evangelist Franklin Graham has had more than enough.

“Each day’s news seems to reveal new horrors from militant Islam. Can it be that the world is no longer as shocked by Christians having their heads cut off and then ISIS proudly promoting this on video?” asked evangelist Franklin Graham on his Facebook page.

“We should continue to be horrified and nauseated. We should make sure our government and the current administration recognizes Islam for the danger it is, and that they are doing all they can to work against it.”

From there, Graham suggested steps the Obama administration needs to take.

First, he says, our government needs to immediately look at immigration reform to halt all immigration of Muslims from countries that have active terrorist cells. Graham says the threat this poses to our nation is huge and could end up costing thousands of lives in the future if we don’t act now. Second, Graham says, our government needs to take immediate military action to defeat ISIS.

“The influence of radical Islam is spreading, not diminishing. I urge you to contact your senators and representatives in Congress to express your concern and outrage—and ask them to take action,” Graham wrote. “SHARE this if you agree, and continue to pray for Christians living in the midst of this threat around the world.”


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