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Humanist Religion (2): Enthroning the Bizarre


Tear down everything that’s timeless, natural, traditional, and Christian, and replace it with everything that’s opposite–that’s the humanist religion.

Because man can’t be God until he gets rid of everything that comes from God.

Impossible as it is to imagine a less deserving object of worship, humanists labor to put themselves on God’s throne. This explains their fanatical enthusiasm for all things “transgender.”

And so they demand that we, the 99% of humanity who aren’t secular humanist mutants, from now on curry favor with self-made “trans” mutants by using brand-new pronouns–or else, of course, we are guilty of Hate and Discrimination and the greatest crime of all, Not Obeying Elitist Schmucks. Political Correctness now demands we say “ze” for he or she, “zir” for his or her, and “yo” for you or any other pronoun we might need.

As the “trans male”–in plain English, and in fact, a woman–“actress” wrote for the Huffington Post (see above), “I began to feel entitled”–entitled!–“to acknowledgement of the fact”–it is not a fact: it is a delusion–“that I’m a man.” No, you are not. This addled female insists that forcing regular people to use the new pronouns invented by kooks is part of an “extremely important battle for respect of diverse gender identities.”

What makes God God? He creates and defines reality. In order for man to be God, he must create and define his own reality.

This effort usually takes forms which are both grotesque and asinine.

Pray unceasingly for the quick passing of this age.


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