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Jew Hatred in America


Jew hatred (anti-Semitism) is as old as Mt. Sinai. From the beginning, every time righteousness appears, animosity follows. The people of Sodom assaulted Lot and his family. Abraham was attacked many times by the ungodly. Pharaoh never gave the Israelites rest. For centuries, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Philistines, Arabians and many other tribes all took turns trying to destroy the Jews. Hitler could not destroy them, neither could the Inquisitions. Stalin hated the Jews, seeking their eradication, even after the purges pre-dating the communist revolution. Jew hatred is on the rise in Europe and in America, once the most welcoming country the world, an America now led by a man openly hostile to Israel.

A tiny minority dispersed several times throughout the world, living under constant threat of annihilation, survives to this day, thriving in many places, especially in Israel, the ancestral home of the Jewish people.   This Muslim cleric marvels at the way the Jews have worked hard to build a modern nation in a short time, causing the desert to flower.

Still, the Jews are hated. They are hated based on the old lie, ‘They killed Christ.’ (In truth, we all killed Christ.) The Jews are hated and envied for their success. They are hated because they are called God’s Chosen People. Part of it amounts to racism. Jew haters resent the Torah and the claim it represents ultimate moral law. Muslims represent 14 centuries of irrational anti-Semitism. And then there remains the Palestinian conflict, animating Jew hatred in America perhaps more than any other factor.

David Horowitz, a communist turned conservative American patriot, writer, and founder of the Freedom Center, and, writes about a crisis in America, the growing hatred expressed toward the Jewish people, accompanied by threats of violence and death:

Jews account for just over 2% of our population, but they are the victims, according to FBI statistics, of over 60% of all hate crimes committed in the U.S. And where is this hatred most virulent? Among less educated and poorer Americans? No. This hatred is spewed most flagrantly by our intellectual elite on the college campuses of this country where university administrators allow Islamist brown shirts who support Hamas and Hezbollah to wage unending hate campaigns against Israel and the Jewish students who support it. University administrators turn a blind eye to daily anti- Semitic activities—ranging from intimidation and harassment to   outbreaks of overt physical violence — against Jewish and pro-Israel students they would not tolerate if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group. Jew Hatred has become the dirty little secret of American higher education.

Horowitz visits campuses constantly addressing students about the truth, working to stem the tide of anti-Semitism in America.  Here is a chilling video of one of his encounters on campus.  The student echoes the call of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and many secular leftists, the call for the eradication of the Jewish people.

As in the U.S., anti-Semitism is growing around the world.  Writing recently on, Horowitz concluded:

Thanks to the savageries of the Islamic State . . . Americans have begun to wake up and to see Jews as canaries in the mine, and to understand that what is happening to Jews is also happening to Christians and others in the way of Islamic Nazis. Nonetheless, the continuing successes of front organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine are ominous indicators of the dangers that confront us, and should be a wake-up call, too.

And it is the saddest of commentaries realizing the American President and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are supporters of the very forces that execute seek and destroy missions against Jewish people, every day, throughout the world.

Sources:      Obama helped install Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

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