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Dear Pro-Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Employer…

By Jane ChristianBarbWire guest contributor

Dear Pro Same-Sex “Marriage” Employer,

You may not know us personally, but we work for you.

We are among thousands of your employees who devote long hours and make our livings advancing your publicly-stated corporate mission.

We have prepared for many years to be able to serve your company through higher education, technical skills acquisition, and experience.

We use those gifts and talents to make your company successful and profitable.

We are conscientious and dedicated. We receive good performance reviews and work peaceably and collaboratively with all of our fellow employees to advance your goals.

And we have always been proud to work for you—until now.

You see, we are also Christians.

And you, dear employer, have just done something that distresses our souls, demolishes our morale, and makes us ashamed to work for you: You, along with 378 other companies, have signed an amici curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of same-sex so-called fake “marriage.”

You, our employer, may be a financial company, a healthcare provider, a retailer, an accounting or law firm, an entertainment conglomerate, or a technology giant. You may be a major player in the travel, news, communication, energy, or food and beverage industries.

You promulgate an official corporate mission statement that is germane to your marketplace goals. But now, by signing on to this amici curiae brief, you are effectively advocating the grievous sin of sodomy as your new mission.

As your Christian employees, we are appalled—but we feel that we can’t speak out, because if we do, you’ll decide that we’re not the kind of employees you want. You’ll fire us under some “employment-at-will” pretext, and destroy our livelihoods and our ability to provide for our families.

But, before that happens, let us tell you how we view you.

Those of us who have worked in corporate America for many decades remember a time when we did not have to worry about you, dear employer, being involved with identity politics or divisive social issues. We simply went to work each day to do our jobs and help you to achieve your laudable capitalist goals without being confronted by politically-correct nonsense.

However, in recent years, that has changed. We have noticed with dismay that you have become increasingly supportive of identity-based groups such as women, Latinos, blacks—and homosexuals.

We have recoiled at the sight of posters in break rooms and hallways advertising and encouraging employees to join identity-centered events such as “gay pride” parades.

We have witnessed with alarm how you’ve hired “chief diversity officers” who further advance the promotion of destructive and volitional homosexual behavior as a “human right.”

Now, we find that we work for a company that agrees with changing the very foundation of human civilization: lifelong, faithful, traditional male-female marriage, and the children that are naturally born from those unions.

We, your Christian employees, don’t agree with that—not one bit. And we feel that our workplace is becoming increasingly hostile and discriminatory toward us and our most deeply-held beliefs and convictions.

We were once happy to work for you. Now, we are ashamed and angry. But we don’t dare speak out, except amongst ourselves, because of the power you wield over our paychecks.

You, dear employer, state in the amici curiae brief that “our businesses benefit from diversity and inclusion.” That may be so, when it comes to talents that are directly related to your capitalist goals.

However, when by “diversity and inclusion” you include the sexually perverse, you reveal your lack of wisdom. You may be a powerhouse in your industry—but you are woefully deficient in eternal truth.

We, your Christian employees, understand that true unity is not achieved in this temporal plane except through spiritual communion and shared belief in Jesus Christ and His salvific work of dying on the cross.

We, your Christian employees, beg you, dear employer, to reconsider your course, to rescind your approval of the amici curiae brief, and to make our workplace truly unified by abandoning identity politics, ceasing your support of sodomy, and advancing virtue instead of vice.


Your Christian Employees

Jane Christian (pseudonym) is a regular Barbwire reader, researcher and behind-the-scenes Christian activist. She cannot provide her real name for fear of losing her job.


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