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KEYES: Replacing Holder – What Choice for Liberty?


Monday of this week I received an email from a fellow defender of the unalienable right to life calling my attention to an online petition urging U.S. Senators to vote against Loretta Lynch, Obama’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.

As one would expect, Lynch takes the position that Obama’s anti-constitutional abuses of executive power are nonetheless lawful. Obama is shredding the Constitution. He is effectively nullifying the Constitution’s assignment of legislative power and initiative to the U.S. Congress. By thus usurping the power of the elected representatives of the people he upsets what Madison called “the scheme of representation”. This was the phrase he used in Federalist #10 to epitomize the meaning of the word “republic”, the form of government the U.S. Constitution establishes, and which Article IV.4 requires the U.S. government to guarantee in the United States.

All U.S. Senators swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Any and all of them will clearly violate their oath who vote to confirm for any office (much less the office of the President’s chief legal advisor and supervisory agent for law-enforcement), someone who openly declares support for anti-Constitutional abuses that effectively discard the prerogative of the legislative branch that gives the form of government the Constitution requires its meaning. It would seem to be an imperative of good faith to for each and every U.S. Senator to vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch.

Now consider the fact that, the current Attorney General, Eric Holder’s resignation from office does not take effect until his replacement has been confirmed. This confronts the professed opponents of the Obama administration’s subversion of the U.S. Constitution with a classic instance of what has been called a “Catch-22” situation. As long as they obey their oath and vote to reject any nominee that supports Obama’s overthrow of the Constitution, the proven agent of its destruction, Eric Holder, will remain in place. But if they confirm Loretta Lynch someone will to continue that destruction will take his place. Ironically, this means that U.S. Senators cannot enact their loyalty to the Constitution except by betraying it, one way or the other.

Senators loyal to the Constitution are caught thus trapped in self-defeat. There’s a diabolically ingenious quality to this entrapment. It’s tempting to see it as just one more instance of intelligent cunning on the part of Obama and his minions, as they push toward their strategic goal of destroying America’s liberty.

Yet and still, the Constitution provides a remedy for such open attacks as Obama has launched against constitutional self-government. That remedy is to impeach and remove him and all the malefactors associated with him, for the high crimes and misdemeanors by which they are subverting, violating and overthrowing the Supreme Law of the Land. This remedy, though legal in form, is essentially political in nature. It requires informing the citizens of the United States of the injury their body politic directly suffers from his attacks, and encouraging them to mobilize in sufficient numbers to elect or otherwise engender a Congress with the political will to administer the remedy.

In light of this fact, the dilemma represented by the Loretta Lynch nomination is not simply the result of exceptionally cunning intelligence on the part of the Obama faction. It is the result of the fact that GOP Congressional leaders who are supposed to be defenders of the Constitution have routinely collaborated with the Obama faction to aid and abet that faction’s attacks upon it. The GOP’s quisling leaders have, from the start, adamantly rejected the political task of implementing the Constitutional remedy. Their behavior in this respect suggests that their failure to deal with Obama’s push to overthrow the U.S. Constitution is not the result of incompetence. Whatever their election rhetoric, the effective result of their actions tacitly serves the very goal Obama openly pursues. And by this effective treachery they have very nearly brought helped him to achieve it.

In light of this fact, petitions calling upon the U.S. Senate to reject Loretta Lynch may be useful gestures. But they do nothing to address the proximate cause of the imminent final demise of the Constitutional liberty of the American people. That cause is a sham party system, controlled by forces hostile to their constitutional self-government. It is a cause that can only be removed by the people themselves, and only if they are capable of reasserting their political independence. To do so will require exceptional clarity of will, implemented without delay, through exceptionally resolute and determined action. Of course voices from the elitist faction have repeatedly declared that American exceptionalism is a thing of the past. Americans determined have to prove them wrong will, or they will very likely lose any chance of doing so by means short of destructive civil war.

What is to be done? In the sequel to this article, which I have posted on my blog, I begin the explication of a plan for political action that aims to circumvent the sham partisan process used by the elitist faction pre-selects the candidates available in our general elections in a way that makes a mockery of the choice they are supposed to involve. Contrary to those who pretend that America is “a two party country”, the U.S. Constitution does not envisage a people divided by their allegiance to self-serving factions. Such factions are, as George Washington accurately observed, the natural enemies of republican liberty.

The Constitution’s political divisions are based on respect for the political communities in which people actually live. Its provisions are, in this respect, exactly suited to the task of mobilizing Americans determined to repel the ongoing assault on their self-government. Reliance on the current sham party system has failed, time and time again. It is obviously long past time to consider an alternative that trusts in God and the good will of the American people, rather than relying, against all reason, on elitist faction politicians who every day break faith with both.


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