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Obama Met with Muslim Leaders to Coordinate Attacks on Christians


[Editor’s note:  the original featured image accompanying this article contained an inaccurate quotation.  We regret the error, which was  not the fault of the author.]

President Obama met with American Islamic leaders in early February at a secret White House meeting, and what those involved revealed through their subsequent actions is that Obama hosted that meeting in order to design and implement coordinated [verbal] attacks on Christians.

Dean Obeidallah is a regular writer at the Daily Beast. He revealed on February 4 that he was one of 14 American Muslim leaders who met with the commander-in-chief on that same day.

On February 15 the Daily Beast published an Obeidallah column called, “Yes, There Are Christian Terrorists.” This column was full of lies and half-truths.

For example, Obeidallah claims that Christians are “ethnically cleansing tens of thousnads [sic]” of Muslims in the Central African Republic, and he points to this as being a case of Christian terrorists. Obeidallah is correct that Christians are killing Muslims in the CAR. But he lies by omission. Christians are killing Muslims in the CAR because they got tired of the Muslims who first overthrew their government and then launched a campaign to exterminate them and other non-Muslim citizens.

But Obeidallah propagated another lie—the most important one as it relates to demonstrating that Obama’s White House Islamic summit was designed to coordinate an autotheist-Islamic attack on Christians. Obeidallah said the Lord’s Resistance Army is a group of Christian terrorists, citing as proof the group’s leader (Joseph Kony) wanting to establish a theocratic state in Uganda with the Ten Commandants as the law of the land. The LRA is not Christian (it even has connections to Islam) and I explain why it is not in an endnote. Yet it is more important in the context of revealing White House coordinated attacks on Christianity to notice what happened following this Obeidallah accusation.

Just three days after Obeidallah accused the LRA of being “Christian terrorists,” Department of State spokesman Marie Harf made the same accusation.

“If you look at the Lord’s Resistance Army and Kony, Joseph Kony – I don’t remember people talking about that as much anymore, but that’s a Christian militant group. So there are a lot of different extremists threats we face, and there are different tools we have to go after each one of them.”

That’s not coincidental. Yet it gets more interesting.

On the same day Harf made her accusation, Vice President Biden allegedly talked about supposed Christian extremists in the U.S.—at least according to a representative of the Muslim Public Affairs Council who was listening to Biden at the White House Countering Violent Extremism Summit. The same MPAC representative boasted of encouraging the vice president to say what he did.

Dean Obeidallah also cited American Christian extremists in his, “Yes, There Are Christian Terrorists,” column. Furthermore, a representative from MPAC attended the same secret Islamic White House meeting that Obeidallah did on February 4.

So the White House holds a secret Islamic meeting and immediately after this the attendees, the State Department, and the Vice President say similar things regarding supposed Christian terrorists. Meanwhile, the president issued statements covering for Islam. These, of course, follow up on the president condemning the Crusades in the wake of the Islamic Caliphate burning a man alive.

What conclusion does any logical and objective observer draw from these actions?

President Obama conducted his early February meeting with Islamic leaders in order to plan and execute coordinated attacks on Christians.


Endnote: The LRA is not and never was Christian. Kony combined elements of Christianity, Islam, and witchcraft. He also has received sanctuary from hardline Muslim Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan.

If this isn’t enough to convince you the LRA isn’t Christian, or if you think my saying the LRA isn’t Christian is the same as people saying Islamic terrorists aren’t Islamic (even as the LRA incorporates elements of Islam), here is another way to look at it.

Kony’s religious cult is a perfect example of syncretism—combining elements of different religions. Christians have regularly rejected this and condemned those who practice such things. For an even clearer idea of how the LRA isn’t Christian, ask yourself if voodoo is Christian. If you say it isn’t you are correct. Most people likely would laugh at anyone who suggested voodoo is Christianity. And yet voodoo is also syncretic, at times incorporating elements of Christianity.

The suggestion that the LRA is Christian becomes even more outrageous when considering how people slam Christians for attacking voodoo or not being tolerant enough of it. In other words, it is ridiculous for autotheists to label the syncretic LRA as “Christian” because they regularly castigate actual Christians for not being tolerant enough of syncretic religions.

Bottom line: the LRA is not Christian because Christians have long rejected such syncretism.


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