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Push Back on Counterfeit ‘Gay Marriage’


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


Imagine we knew the Supreme Cour’s Roe v. Wade abortion decision was coming four months before it happened–what would we do?  Sit by and wait for it?  Plan to march against it for the next four decades?  Or would we push back in in every way possible?

The Supreme Court just sent us a signal that they may be giving us the Roe v. Wade of marriage–if we don’t do something to stop them!

We have an opportunity to push back and restrain the judges like never before.  Right now a member of Congress is drafting a bill to use to limit jurisdiction from the Federal courts, and appellate jurisdiction from the Supreme Court to rule on marriage.

Push back at and send “Restraining Orders” to Congress and the Supreme Court before it’s too late!


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