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Let Me Explain Hate To You


Words matter, and as the radicals of the secular left know full well, when you change words you can change a culture. They have understood that verbal engineering always precedes social engineering, so they are happy to be as revolutionary about words and their meaning as they are about the culture they are seeking to change.

You know the drill, you know how it works: take a perfectly acceptable word such as ‘gay,’ strip it of its original meaning and content, and hijack it by redefining it to promote your own radical agenda. This happens all the time. The revolutionaries of the left are experts at this.

They have managed to destroy plenty of perfectly good words by redefining them out of existence. In the homosexual marriage debate for example, words like equality, love, family and even marriage itself have been radically redefined to fit in with the agenda of the coercive utopians.

And of course the mainstream media goes along with all this, doing the dirty work for the activists, and so society is easily changed, because words have been so radically changed. Consider just one more example of this verbal engineering.

I refer to the word ‘hate’. Now we all know what this word means – or at least we should. But the radicals have once again managed to totally destroy the word, and they now use it to refer to anyone and anything which dares to resist its agenda. And never mind how hateful and full of rage they are – this has nothing to do with hate they insist.

So let me remind folks out there who have lost their ability to think clearly and to define words rightly as to what is really going on here. First, let me explain to you what hate is not. The following list of items is not hateful, and has nothing to do with associated vices such as bigotry, true intolerance and prejudice:

-standing up for marriage and family as always conceived
-standing up for the unborn, and working against their wholesale slaughter
-affirming democracy and freedom, and warning against those who seek to destroy these social goods
-working to keep the West free and prosperous, and not be taken over by sharia law
-championing religious freedom and freedom of expression
-resisting the moves to restrict the public expression of Christianity
-promoting a culture of respect for life at every stage of development
-preferring a free West to a closed Muslim majority culture
-upholding the sanctity of marriage, and resisting the pornification of society
-resisting the attack on human sexuality by the radical social engineers
-affirming the importance of hard work and personal responsibility
-taking on the culture of death
-raising the flag for genuine tolerance and pluralism
-opposing dead-end political and economic policies which enslave instead of liberate

None of these activities and concerns have anything to do with hatred and bigotry. They are all perfectly legitimate and longstanding values which most people throughout human history have championed and preferred. They have nothing to do with hate, and I refuse to allow the activists to twist these social goods into social evils.

OK, so if those are not examples of what hatred looks like, what does? Well, I am glad you asked that question. I happen to have many hundreds of prime examples of what real hatred and intolerance looks like. I should know all about this, since I am on the receiving end of this on almost a daily basis.

Hardly a day goes by without hateful, diabolical and vitriolic attacks coming my way from the peace and love brigade. The side which shouts the most about tolerance has proven to be the least tolerant group around. The radicals of the secular left who always scream about love and acceptance are the most unloving and unaccepting guys out there.

I used to put their savage and ugly attacks straight into the bin, but of late I have been saving their comments and remarks. I now have page after page in fine print filled with their examples of love and tolerance. Most of what they have sent me I cannot print.

And even that which I will offer here I have to heavily edit to make it palatable for public consumption. So here then is just a tiny sampling of the sort of stuff I get on a regular basis from those of the secular left who speak so much about the need to tolerate and accept others (and my apologies ahead of time for all this foul stuff):

You’re a f**kwit, and are what is wrong with today’s society. Don’t bother posting this i just thought you needed to be told

You are one fat, bearded c**t. I hope you choke to death on all the food you eat, or on your podgy fingers. Then you’ll find out your whole life has been for nothing. You are an arrogant pr**k.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, you infantile, sanctimonious ignoramus. Your zealotry is matched only by your ridiculously excessive arrogance.

Oh, and PS: Go f**k yourself you smug, sanctimonious, bigoted c**t.

Shame you weren’t aborted, d**kwad. Do us all a favour, it’s never too late

F**k off and die you malicious wanker. F**k off and die you malicious wanker.

You lot are dumb, small minded, intolerant and pure evil- and so arrogant in celebrating your manifest inadequacies. it is comforting to know that your breed and its way of not thinking is decreasing-just pathetic and pointless the lot of you

More s**t comes out of your mouth than out of your anus.

YOU are delusional, psychotic! Get your anti-psychotic medications and take them before you are committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The black abyss in your eyes- Bill, you are pure evil- Satan worships you

You fat ugly four-eyed c**t. F**k off and die you fatty fat f**k. F**k you. Your face makes me want to vomit. You are awful. You are worse than s**t on a shoe. I literally would not piss on you if you were on fire, you fat ugly c**t.

You are an a**holes! I hope you die, because G_d hates you. If Jesus was alive today HD celebrate your death, Bill. F**k Jew, Gypsy, Gay, killing Nazis lie you. You are being watched and will be dealt with, harshly.

You are a f**king retard

Oh, Bill- you try to write but you are semi literate at best. Words over two syllables are hard aren’t they?

F**k you Muel, you f**king Xtian c**t. What you believe is a big bag of poisonous s**t. I hope you choke to death on your Xmas pudding whilst feeding your fat f**king face and all your family see you.

I hadn’t wished death on you until I read this point. Now I see how much better the world would be without your poison. Please don’t hang on to a ripe old age.

dirt, pondscum, pigeon s**t

Umm, I think you get the drift. Now that is what is known as hate. And as mentioned, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I get on a regular basis from the other side. This is my standard fare from these folks. This is how they operate, all the while accusing us of hate!

Not only are these examples of genuine hate and demonic rage, but they also demonstrate how the other side “argues”. Seldom are facts, rational thoughts, and cogent arguments used. Instead, mud-slinging, name-calling and non-stop abuse are hurled my way. And all this as an example of the love and tolerance of the secular left activists!

So we must start standing up for truth in all areas of life. That includes the area of language. For too long we have allowed the other side to dictate the agenda by redefining language. We must reclaim words and terminology and use them to speak truth.

And the truth is, standing up for faith, family and freedom is not hateful. But viciously abusing us as we seek to do so is. Also, we can pray for these haters that they do indeed find truth.


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