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Oklahoma Parents Outraged over Abortion Question on Test


Oklahoma students in Edmond Santa Fe High School were given a multiple choice “non-graded exercise” in their biology class which included abortion as one of the choices.

The biology lesson on genetic science ethics included the following question:

“You’ve found out that the child you (or your wife) carries has the gene for dwarfism.  A new therapy exists that may repair this gene before the child is born.  What do you do?” the first question on the exercise asks.

  • A.  Allow the child to be born with the gene, and we will accept the child as is.
  • B.  Attempt the new therapy to repair the gene.
  • C.  Terminate Pregnancy.

Many parents were furious over the question.

One parent stated, “This is not a subject I want my child discussing in class. Ethics and beliefs are for home, not school.”

“That’s not education but indoctrination. Don’t teach kids to be Democrats or Republicans,” another commented. reported that according to a school spokesman, teachers’ abortion beliefs were not being imposed upon the students. “There was no punishment for any of the choices that they circled,” she said.  “It was meant to be a discussion.”

The question made many students uncomfortable and one Santa Fe HS student commented, “Abortion just isn’t right in my mind.  I don’t like the idea of it.”


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