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Conservative Allegiance to the Twin-Party Sham – Part I


Why do so many conservatives continue to act on the now patently obvious delusion that the Republican Party can somehow be made to represent them? Here is a brief summary of the reasons this makes no sense. Indeed, it verges on insanity.

Events over the past decade and more overwhelmingly demonstrate that the GOP is decisively dominated by forces committed to the elitist faction’s agenda for the overthrow of constitutional government, of by, and for the people of the United States. The Party’s Platform and the pre-election rhetoric of its candidates are often crafted to give the impression of republican, constitutional, morally conscientious and decently libertarian views that are consistent with the character the American people must uphold in order to sustain their self-government.

But this is contradicted by the consequential actions of Republican officials (elected and appointed) in every critical area of policy:

  • border security;
  • illegal immigration;
  • budgetary and fiscal discipline;
  • tax policy;
  • opposition to socialist (government dominated) approaches (like Obamacare);
  • commitment to unalienable rights; beginning with the right to life;
  • defense of the God-endowed rights of the natural family;
  • respect for individual liberty predicated up the exercise of right;
  • Respect for the premises and logic of the American Declaration of Independence, including and especially the acknowledgment of God as the definitive source of right and justice;
  • Respect for the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, including especially the limited delegation of power to the U.S. Government, the separation of powers, the vigilance required to implement the system of checks and balances, the prudent deployment of the impeachment/removal power of the U.S. Congress, and the political education and advocacy required to effectuate that deployment through true elections.

Ask most Republicans and they will tell you that they’re dedicated to liberty, God-endowed right and justice, and the strong defense of the material strength and constitutional sovereignty of the American people. Yet they continue to participate in the GOP political process, despite GOP leadership’s now overwhelming record of apostasy from republican principles and abandonment of republican approaches to government and politics. They do so even though the predominate forces in the GOP have:

    • Openly declared war on candidates who represent conservatives’ views;
    • Repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to fund their political ambitions by subservience to money masters who insist, in exchange, on the implementation of policies that
      • Subvert the economic basis for the political independence of America’s once thriving middle class;
      • Transfer the national income extorted from income taxpayers to the coffers of international financiers and bankers, and global corporate powers;
      • And encourage in the general citizenry the habits of dependence on government largesse and obsessive subservience to an amazing complex of entangling government regulations and bureaucratic procedures;
    • Repeatedly capitulated to destructive leftist demands with respect to issues and policies concerning matters like education, the God-endowed institution of the family, the moral basis of rights, the rights of individual moral conscience and association, and the right of the American people to secure their borders and maintain the integrity of the citizenship rights that are the personal basis for the existence and activity of the American body politic;
    • Consistently neglected to insist upon respect for the U.S. Constitution’s clear provisions (e.g., the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement to be eligible for the office of President) thereby allowing Obama to breach its authority with attacks they decry, but to which they refuse to respond in any effective way.
    • Repeatedly neglected or given away vital aspects of the safeguards for the sovereign authority of the American people set up by U.S. Constitution’s provisions like Congress’s responsibility to declare war, and the initiative of the U.S. House of Representative in respect of revenue raising measures.

Conservatives who profess to support and seek the restoration of the truly Federal character of the U.S. Constitution are nonetheless mesmerized by the false assertion that “America is a two-party country.” They are susceptible to this mantra even though it contradicts the federalist logic of the America’s constitutional republic, and the facts of American history, which reflect that logic:

    • Federalism demands the existence of political structures rooted in state and local political actions and institutions.
    • This requirement was reflected in the fact that, well into the era of elitist faction subversion of the nation’s democratic, republican constitution (early 1900s to the present) American political parties existed as a confederation of state political associations, which in turn based their strength on the confederated activity of voluntary, private associations (of farmers, industrial interests, financial interests, unions and other associations of workers and other factors and services involved in production, etc.) rooted in the facts of local or regional life.
    • The federal character of political parties enforced periodic realignments of party institutions at the national level, including of course the reconstitution of state and local associations at the grassroots level which then translated into the emergence of new vehicles for political mobilization.

Because of the elitist faction’s subversive agenda the present party sham is predicated on the consolidation of power at the national level.  But because it rejects the federal principle this agenda rejects the premises and aims of America’s founders. No one who helps to implement it deserves the name “conservative.” For what do we mean to conserve if not the premises and aims that are the foundation of our constitutional republic? I ponder this further in Part II of this essay, now available on my blog.


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