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The Dumbest Comparison of 2015 Might Have Already Been Uttered


What has happened to our collective brains? Should I say hearts? No, I’ll stick with brains. Our hearts have always been corrupted, but we could at least see our own corruption. It seems that is no longer the case.

Apparently now we can’t distinguish between Jerry Falwell and ISIS. You know because ISIS kills innocent people in the name of religion and Jerry Falwell was also religious and stuff. Sure, he helped thousands of people through his ministry, his incredible reach through Liberty University has been unbelievably fruitful for our nation, but you can’t take all that seriously; he was a “fundamentalist” and sued someone once.

Check out this erudite commentator on MSNBC as he makes the connection between a lawsuit and mass murder (!) and the host goes right along with it. See, we focus on Islam because of our own biases (our Islamophobia perhaps), not because they murder innocent people and all that …

Is this real? Is this what we take for serious commentary in America? It is MSNBC, but still.

H/T Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg

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