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Media Ignore Scientific Evidence in ‘Nobody is Born Gay’ Billboard Controversy


It is one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. Are you born gay? Is there a genetic gene that determines one’s sexuality? The PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays) organization has addressed this question of the “homosexuality gene” through a billboard campaign in Richmond, Virginia and controversy is brewing over the words “Nobody Is Born Gay.” is a national non-profit organization serving ex-gays and families and friends with a homosexual loved one. According to their website, PFOX “exists to educate, support, and advocate for individuals and parents on the issue of same-sex attraction, and increase others’ understanding and acceptance of the ex-gay community.” The billboard campaign highlights a recent study on identical twins that does away with the mistruth over the imaginary genetic link to homosexuality, proving the science behind “Nobody is born gay.”

Local and national media have been reporting on this controversial billboard with statements from gay activists claiming the PFOX group is advocating “hate.” One opponent of the billboard, Dave Murray, even commented that the billboard is “legalized hate crime hiding under the constitution.”  I believe he means free speech, which PFOX is openly engaging in under the First Amendment through a billboard viewed by thousands each day on a busy Interstate 95 intersection.

There have even been media headlines addressing statements made by the model used in the campaign who is an openly gay man whose stock picture was used for the billboard. An irrelevant part of the controversy considering that models give up their rights to the images and opinions when hired for advertising purposes. Do all models use or support the products or ideas behind the advertising they are used in? The answer is no. It is the nature of the advertising business.

Gay activists are protesting the billboard message and they are denying that a community of ex-gay people exists. Yes, the so-called “tolerant” LGBT activist community who advocate love and acceptance of the homosexual community deny the existence of a group of diverse people who are ex-gay. Where is the tolerance for those who want to leave or are no longer living the homosexual lifestyle?

However, what is not being communicated through local and national media is how the so-called “tolerant” gay activist community is treating an organization like PFOX. This weekend gay activists painted a sign that reads “ignore the hate” that was posted near the billboard. Meanwhile, PFOX was contacted by a caller who stated, “I am going to burn down your billboard and kill you.” Regina Griggs, PFOX executive director, stated that since the billboard went up last week their organization has been under attack with hateful messages. Where’s the tolerance? Should they ignore the hate?

So much distraction in the world of media where a controversy is often misused and miscommunicated by catchy headlines and politically correct rhetoric that the story drifts off from the facts that make it controversial to begin with. The reason why the billboard was put up and funded by PFOX is based on the facts behind the science of same-sex attraction.

“It is scientifically incorrect to state you are born gay,” Christopher Doyle told Barbwire. Doyle is the President and Co-Founder of Voice of the Voiceless and former board member of PFOX. Doyle observed that if the LGBT activist community was serious about debating the science behind same-sex attraction they would not be attacking PFOX with irrelevant distractions about the billboard. “The fact is there is no simple genetic marker for same-sex attraction,” he stated. “The biological debate is not over and the gay activist community does not want to talk about the science.”

Outspoken lesbian activist, Camille Paglia, has even stated what few homosexual activists dare to admit.  “No one is born gay, the idea is ridiculous. Homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait.”

The billboard is based on scientific research found in a study done with identical twins which proved homosexuality is not genetic. If homosexuality is caused by a genetic gene then if one twin is gay, the other co-twin must also be gay, but the study revealed that only 11% of men and 14% of women shared same-sex attraction. The percentage should be 100% since identical twins have the same DNA. The research proves homosexuality cannot be genetically dictated.

The issue is real simple. This is not about hatred but it is about science and philosophy surrounding the statement that “Nobody is Born Gay.” Are we able to live in a country born out of a constitutional freedom to express our opinions openly through an honest debate based on real scientific research?

The Gay Community Center of Richmond held a photo shoot Sunday to counter PFOX with their own potential billboard and social media campaign. They have every right under free speech protection to put up their own billboard. However, are they willing to talk and not just react to PFOX’s billboard? David Pickup, an advisor to PFOX, stated, “We would be happy to sit down and discuss scientific-based or anecdotal evidence of what we have found regarding the science behind same-sex attraction.” Are opponents of the billboard, who are ever so willing to defend their own statements of “we’re born this way”, ready to understand and listen to the ex-gay community without counteracting with tag lines of “hatred” and “ignorance” that do not promote an honest dialogue?

Amid all the misinformation and calculated distractions from media outlets regarding this billboard, the real issue is about freedom. If equality if truly about the inclusiveness of a diverse community then the ex-gay community should be given a voice too. “Thousands of individuals have made a decision to leave the homosexual life and will attest to the fact that change is possible,” Regina Griggs stated. “PFOX believes people deserve to know the truth and believes respecting the lives of those who have made a decision to seek change is part of building a tolerant society.”

The following is a moving and compelling video of identical twins and their story. One of the twins found freedom and peace, and is a member of the ex-gay community:


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