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Ferguson: Is There Justice From the God of the Belly?


The news has now hit the streets that the grand jury in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of “gentle giant” Michael Brown has examined the evidence, and rejected five offered charges against Officer Darren Wilson.

As has come to be the case in recent years, I am forced to look outside the United States “mainstream” media to find actual facts and details. From the UK Daily Mail:

The officer said he was completely calm when he stopped Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson as they walked in a Ferguson street and told them: ‘Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?’

The pair then replied they were nearly home, prompting Wilson to say: ‘Okay, but what’s wrong with the sidewalk?’. In a fit of anger, Johnson then reportedly responded: ‘F*** what you have to say’.

Wilson drove off and then drove back to speak to them, at which point Brown suddenly punched him and they got into a struggle as he tried to get out of his police SUV, the testimony said.

The officer said he reached for his gun and said: ‘Stop I’m going to shoot’. In response, Brown told him: ‘You’re too much of a f****** p**** to shoot me’.

Recalling the moment he killed Brown, Wilson said: ‘I was yelling at him to stop and get on the ground. He kept running and then he stopped in this area somewhere.
‘When he stopped he turned, looked at me, made a grunting noise and had the most intense aggressive face I’ve ever seen on a person.

‘When he looked at me he then did like the hop…you know when people do to start running. And he started running at me. During his first stride he took his right hand and put it under his shirt and into his waistband. ‘And I ordered him to stop and get on the ground again. He didn’t.

‘I fired, a, multiple shots. After I fired the multiple shots I paused for a second, yelled at him to get on the ground again, he was still in the same state.

‘Still charging hands, still in his waistband, still hadn’t slowed down. I fired another set of shots. Same thing, still running at me, hadn’t slowed down, hands still in his waistband.

‘He gets about eight to ten feet away, he’s still coming at me in the same way. One of those, however many of them, hit him in the head, and he went down right there.

‘When he went down his hand was still under his, his right hand was still under his body, looked like it was still in his waistband. I never touched him.’

During a later part of the interview, Wilson went over the final moments again and described Brown as ‘very aggressive’.

He said: ‘I don’t really know how to describe it. Um, he turns, I look at his face. It was just like intense. It was. I’ve never seen anybody look like that, for lack of a better words, crazy.

‘It was very aggravated, um, aggressive, hostile. You could tell he was lookin’ through ya. There was nothing he was seeing.’

In his announcement on Monday night, McCulloch revealed Wilson fired at Brown 12 times: twice from a car, then a further ten times in the street from 125 yards away.

Six or seven bullets struck the teenager, causing him to fall to the ground. He passed away 153 feet east of the officer’s car, the attorney said.

Following the verdict on Monday night, a series of photos of the injuries Wilson sustained in the shooting were released. The officer appears to have slight bruising on his cheek, lip and neck.

Other evidence in the case was also unveiled, including images of the pistol and bullets involved in the incident, blood stains on the street and the interior of Wilson’s police vehicle.

Inside the car, hi-tech equipment is pictured just inches from shards of broken glass. Outside the vehicle, Brown’s baseball cap is seen lying on the ground.

As a former law enforcement official, I have had to deal with people who were intoxicated (whether from alcohol or drugs) and enraged, and they can be, in Officer Wilson’s words, totally “crazy.” Their behavior often defies logic, reason, and self-preservation. They can be completely outside a rational mind. If I recall correctly, earlier reports about this incident revealed Brown had recently smoked marijuana, and was known to use drugs. And recall the camera footage of Brown roughing up the store owner where he stole some cigars minutes before this shooting.

Obviously the evidence fully corroborated Officer Wilson’s testimony; there is no way anything less would have resulted in an acquittal by the grand jury in this bloodthirsty Leftist environment we now know as America.

Meanwhile, the barbarians in and around Ferguson seek “justice” in a fashion typical of liberal “logic”: by burning their own city down.

Again from the Daily Mail:

St Louis police reported that rioters fired 150 live gunshots and more than a dozen local businesses were razed to the ground by arsonists. Some reports say that fire fighters have been tackling up to 25 structural fires caused by rioters.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said that the disturbances this time were ‘much worse’ than those that erupted in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

So far there have been 61 arrests, 13 injuries – and no fatalities, with police saying they have not fired any shots.

Do I really need to say what completely illogical and barbaric behavior this is? This is not justice. This is not within 10,000 light years of justice.

But in a world that has contemptuously rejected morality and an objective standard of the traditional values that produced this great nation, it is to be expected.

Sadly, more of it is to be expected. We have for several decades now been sowing the seeds of immorality, hedonism, self-centeredness, narcissism and envy. The fields are white for harvest, my fellow Americans, and the crop is already coming in. Ferguson is one such field.

Justice for anyone is a crap shoot in such an environment, and will be come ever more rare. A nation whose god is its belly is not concerned with justice.

And unless we reject our current standard of self-centered “morality,” repent of our error and return to the Judeo-Christian standard that produced the greatest nation in history, this entire nation will burn.

The Democrat Party has long been too morally bankrupt to lead a return to our nation’s moral foundation. The past four years have convinced me that the Republican Party is now too morally bankrupt to exhibit moral leadership.  We the people–primarily the Christian remnant of America–are going to have to assume leadership and work to repair our nation’s moral foundation, if it is going to happen.

Unless we turn back from this course and get our act together, America will be completely burned up.


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