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God Said It, That Settles It: No Common Ground for Christianity and Homosexuality

By Linda Wall – BarbWire guest contributor

Just a few days ago I saw an article where a Liberty University student editor called for Christians and homosexuals to find “common ground”. My first thought was, “what would Big Jerry (my nickname for Liberty University founder, the late Jerry Falwell Sr.) think about this? That thought was quickly overtaken by the thought, What does the Lord think about this?

Immediately I took a walk down my own memory lane thirty-three years ago when I myself wondered what God had to say about my homosexuality. I had been seduced into it as a college co-ed and after ten years of lesbian living, somewhere deep down inside I still felt it was wrong. But was there a Biblical basis for that feeling?

I had been raised in a southern Baptist family with a deacon dad, Sunday school teacher mom and preacher brother. We were in church every time the door was open but I had never heard the topic of homosexuality discussed. Perhaps God did not care about homosexuality. After all Jesus did say “love one another”. Every time the wondering ran through my mind, I would either justify my life-style or dismiss the thought.

Although the answer I was searching for tarried, it finally came one Saturday while in the mall. My “significant other” and I were in a bookstore in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As she searched all over the store for the perfect book, I remained glued to the “Self-Help” section. The book that caught my attention was so thin that the title could not be printed on the spine. I gently pulled the paperback out and flipped it over so I could read the title, “Where to Look in the Bible”.

Careful not to mar the book, I used both thumbs to open it up slowly. There staring me in the face was the topic, HOMOSEXUALITY. It was as if Almighty God had floated down from His throne room and opened the book to that page. The verses were not written out, just where they were located by book, chapter and verse numbers.

I knew this was a defining moment in my life. If I dared to look up those references I would then be accountable. Was I sinning against Him? Was I bound for hell? I really wanted to know if homosexuality was wrong from God’s perspective. So I reached for a Bible and quietly removed the cellophane wrap and began looking up the verses.

When I finished my research, there was nowhere to hide anymore. God had said homosexuality was wrong and that settled it!

In time the lesbian relationship unraveled and I found myself in a church with a preacher preaching the sermon, Making God the Authority of Your Life. Once again Almighty God came down and made it clear to me how He felt about homosexuality.

How He did it, I don’t know but it was as if the preacher disappeared and Jesus stood there holding a key chain. He pointed straight at me and said, “You want to keep two keys.” Jesus was right. I wanted Him but I wanted to keep my marijuana and my women. He went on to say, “I want all of the keys to your life.” God had once again said homosexuality was wrong and that settled it.

A very long time ago Adam and Eve were deceived because they allowed Satan to question what God had told them about eating the forbidden fruit. He twisted what God had said and even told them God won’t mind. Nothing has changed today. Whether Satan uses a country music singer, a movie star, an athlete, a CEO or a student editor to say Christianity and homosexuality can have a common ground, it’s not what God has said.

God has spoken clearly on homosexuality and that settles it.

Linda Wall is a “Missionary to America”, better understood as a Christian activist. She is a former lesbian, delivered from homosexuality by the power of the Living Jesus Christ. She has worked for the Virginia General Assembly, helped on political campaigns for conservative candidates at the state and federal level, lobbied for The Family Foundation of Virginia and Concerned Women for America of Virginia (CWA-VA), served on the Board of Directors of Parents & Friends of Ex-gays and Gays (PFOX) and ran for the Virginia House of Delegates. She is presently founder and CEO of Virginia Mass Resistance, a Judeo-Christian group whose mission is to resist the forces coming against the Judeo-Christian foundation of America. Linda is available to share her testimony of


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