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Disney Airs Curse Words on Popular Children’s Show


You should be outraged and appalled over this—and you should take action. Disney Channel is officially allowing profanity in its programming.

One Million Moms is certainly outraged and appalled by the curse words in Doc McStuffins, an animated program that was, until now, clean and family-friendly. The mom activist group reports that Doc McStuffins includes curse words and bleeps to cover up foul language during this cartoon.

“Disney Channel has questionable content at times, especially when it portrays kids showing disrespect towards parents and adults,” the group contends. “However, many still consider, or at least hope, it is a family-friendly channel since it is a network created for children, particularly the Disney Junior division, which is primarily for preschoolers.”

One Million Moms offers a specific example: During one episode of Doc McStuffins, the dino stuffed animal used profanity purposely placed immediately before a sneeze so it would not be as noticeable. But you can still hear it.

“This is not material that should be included in a children’s program on a kid’s network. Disney Channel typically airs episodes repeatedly in the form of reruns so this is not a safe show for your family to watch,” the group said. “If this is allowed by Disney Junior in programing designed for their youngest audiences, there is no telling what they will sneak into shows designed for older audiences.

Want to take action? Email Disney CEO Robert Iger and request that they no longer air foul language or beeps that suggest foul language.


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