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Can Fools Create Wise Computers?


Some scientists are worried that we might soon create super-intelligent computers that are much smarter than we are.

Well, heck, there already are plush toys, frying pans, and lawn chairs that are smarter than some people we know.

Before we get down to serious worries about the Terminator coming after us, shouldn’t we first ask whether it’s even possible for fools and twaddlers to create truly super-intelligent computers? Do we really have to fret about what one scientist quoted in the article above called “a future in which computers are no longer obedient tools but a dominant species with no interest in the survival of the human race”? But that makes them sound like our elected officials.

Granted, computers don’t have far to go, to outperform us in work, the arts, and politics. But is the human civilization that gives us Obama, Fifty Shades of Grey, the Kardashians, and Windows 8 really going to generate computers that can give us anything better?

God has been warning us for thousands of years about the evils and dangers of worshiping anything we make with our own hands. And for thousands of years we have refused to listen.

I think we might be headed for another trip to the woodshed.


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