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We Failed Brittany Maynard


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


Imagine you are driving across a tall bridge and notice off to the side is a woman, standing on the railing contemplating a suicidal jump to the jagged rocks below.

What is the help you would give? Would you tell her about the hope of Jesus, pray for her healing? Find medical help and adequate pain relief? Or would you…give her a shove off the bridge?

Brittany Maynard cried for help. She put out a video announcing to the world her bridge-jumping intentions. She looked to her husband for that help, but instead of remembering his wedding vows, he packed up and moved to Oregon, where doctors have become executioners.

We failed Brittany Maynard. We must offer a helping hand to those in crisis, not a shove off the bridge.


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