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Obama: the ‘Savior’ of the Brazilian Right


There is no doubt that Barack Obama is destroying America as her founders intended her to be. And with his politics of imposing the homosexual agenda through his State Department, he shows that he is capable of destroying other nations too.

All Christian conservative leaders I know denounce his destructive capabilities. And all of them agree that Obama is a socialist. So his destructive capabilities are basically socialist.

Even so, many, even Christians, have been mesmerized into seeing him as a “savior.” Progressive Christians in America see him in this way. And now even rightists in Brazil see him in the same light too.

Some of them put a petition in the White House website asking for help. They said: “We call a White House position in relation to communist expansion in Latin America. Brazil does not want and will not be a new Venezuela.”

They are asking the same White House that recently decided to betray Brazilian military men who saved Brazil from communism!

Yes, they asked the Obama White House to take a position. And if Brazil became a Venezuela, what would the U.S. do? They would merely buy Brazilian oil!

A 2006 article said: “The United States continues to be the top buyer of Venezuelan oil, bringing the South American country billions of dollars in earnings that help fund” the Foro de São Paulo and other communist efforts.

When communist dictator Hugo Chávez called George Bush a “devil,” how did the U.S. answer? By bringing more billions of dollars to communist Venezuela.

As a conservative, Bush had very good reasons to get rid of the Venezuelan communism. But he never did it.

I assume that Marxist Dilma Rousseff will never call Obama a “devil.” Both of them love the homosexual and abortion agenda. In fact, both have been great allies in the United Nations. If Brazil wants to promote sodomy in the U.N., the U.S. says “amen.” If America wants to promote abortion in the UN, Brazil says “amen.”

Their differences are merely economic: Brazil is in the BRICS and Obama does not want Brazil there. In other respects, Obama is destroying America in the American Marxist way and Rousseff is destroying Brazil in a mixed American-Cuban Marxist way.

Both anti-U.S. and pro-U.S. Brazilian Marxists love the U.S. gay and abortion agenda. But pro-U.S. Brazilian Marxists prefer only the American Marxism. Now even Brazilian rightists are saying: “If Brazil is to have communism, we want Obama and his communism!”

Now, Obama has become a savior for Brazilian rightists too!

We are living in incredible times!

As a Brazilian conservative, I have never supported Rousseff. And I wonder how a conservative could support Obama. Are they really conservative?

Some time ago, I told a Brazilian Pentecostal minister, who has American citizenship, that the Obama administration has been funding Islamic terrorists who torture and slaughter Christians. He answered: “This is an anti-American lie. Since I came to America in the Obama administration, I have received excellent free healthcare and many other things. I have no complaint about Obama.”

So if the Obama administration supports the slaughter of Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorists around the world, who cares? The important thing is that Obama is taking care of me!

See the Brazilian rightist petition in the Obama White House:

Position yourself against the Bolivarian communist expansion in Brazil promoted by the administration of Dilma Rousseff

On 10/26, Dilma Rousseff was reelected, and will continue his party’s plan to establish a communist regime in Brazil – the Bolivarian molds propounded by the Foro de São Paulo. We know that in the eyes of the international community, the election was fully democratic, but the ballot boxes used are not reliable, apart from the fact the heads of the judiciary, are mostly members of the winning party. Social policies also influenced the choice of the president, and people were threatened with losing their food allowance if they did not re-elect Dilma. We want to know the White House position in relation to communist expansion in Latin America. Brazil does not want and will not be a new Venezuela, and the USA needs to help the promoters of democracy and freedom in Brazil.

My question to these Brazilian rightists is: How will Obama help to promote democracy and freedom in Brazil if he is taking them from America?

I do not know about American rightists, but Brazilian rightists are desperately crazy.

The only escape from Obama and Rousseff and their socialism is Jesus Christ.

Portuguese version of this article: Obama: o “salvador” da direita brasileira


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