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How Much Do They Want from Us?


Here’s a question to ask any “progressive” (translation: soft-core communist): “At what point do you decide you have enough power over us and don’t want any more?”

They want to control our health care. They’re designing little buttons we can wear that’ll rat us out to the massa if we eat something he thinks we shouldn’t eat.

They want to review our pastors’ sermons. They want all of us to participate in and “celebrate” same-sex pseudo-weddings, or else. People have been thrown in jail for having a garden in the front yard instead of the back, or not mowing their lawn to the satisfaction of the authorities. If they don’t like the color you’ve painted your house, they’ll make you re-paint it: and you’d better get it right, this time.

The National Science Foundation has a government grant to monitor the Internet and the social media to study “errors”–that is, remarks and questions that the government deems extremist or hateful. Like, “Marriage is between a man and a woman,” but not like “You $#%$%! How dare you say that? You should have your lungs torn out with a trowel!” It’s only hateful if some progressive says it is.

They want to dictate what the kids should have for lunch. They want to create “equality” by confiscating the money that you worked for and giving it to someone who sat at home playing video games. They demand the right to tell you want kind of car you can drive and when and how far you can drive it, what kind of house or apartment you can live in, and how much electricity you should be allowed to use.

At what point will the progressives/liberals/Democrats/citizens of the world be contented? How much of our lives must be under their boots for them to leave the rest alone?

I think you know the answer.


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