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Are You a Science Fundamentalist?


A liberal friend of mine has bestowed on me the concept of “scientific fundamentalism.” He didn’t mean to. He was criticizing “former Catholics turned fundamentalist” who make like they have all the answers.

Well, we all do that from time to time, don’t we? “After all,” I said, “you’re 100%, rock-solid sure about Darwinism, the Big Bang, Global Warming, and all that stuff.” He replied that you can’t compare the Bible’s moral teachings–he does not consider the Bible factual–with the clarity of scientific discovery.

ROFL. They program their computers and then they discover what they themselves put into them. How do you truly discover anything without observing it? But no one has ever observed Evolution, and no one ever will. As for Global Warming–without lies, cheating, and bullying, it wouldn’t last another day.

So what is a science fundamentalist? It’s someone who accepts unquestioningly whatever “scientists” or “Science” says about anything under the sun–usually while subjecting the Word of God to the most intense scrutiny. All he needs to hear are magic words–like, “the science is settled,” or “the consensus among scientists is…”–and his brain shuts down.


As I write this, the police are performing military-style drills on the street outside. As much as I enjoy bagpipe music, it disturbs me to hear police officers shouting in unison and loudly marching in step.

Does anyone else find this at all disturbing? I mean, the police force is an agency of the civilian government, not a military organization. Or has that definition been changed while my attention was directed elsewhere?


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