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How Republicans Could Make a Difference


It seems Leon H. Wolf at RedState is about as enthused at the prospects of a “Republican” victory in November as I am:

Republicans are hoping for a victory on par with 1994 and they may get one that is close, at least in terms of numbers of seats won. But this victory, if it is achieved, will almost definitely be comparatively hollow, and it is their own fault. In 1994, the country was likewise sick of the Democrats, but the Republicans didn’t just run on being sick of the Democrats. They ran on a positive platform of easily articulable reforms that enjoyed broad bipartisan support. When they rode to power they had a convincing reason for Bill Clinton to work with them, because it was clear that the country had voted at least in some measure in support of what the Republicans stood for (other than not being allies of Bill Clinton). The Republicans, if they win, will have no similar claim to popular referendum. The one issue on which they have such a claim – Obamacare – Obama will continue to veto any changes to until he leaves office.

The Republicans have not run aggressively or visibly on any visible package of reform that will fix the structural problems that beset this country. And if they attempt to enact them after taking office, Obama will be able to effectively resist them, with the aid of the press, as a bait and switch or as “surprise extremism.”

Republicans (and I’m not talking to you gutless wonder Republicans who want a seat of power but don’t really care about advancing Republican principles): would you like to actually accomplish something next year? Would you like to be able to overcome Barack Obama’s propaganda?Take_No_Prisoners_Horowitz

You can, if you are willing to fight. When Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, they still faced the obstacle of Democrat President Bill Clinton. But (at least their first couple of years, until they hid their testicles in a closet somewhere), they legislated aggressively. Yes, the “mainstream” media howled and lied and whined and the BS flew like a corral full of teenage summer workers shoveling things out. But Republicans were aggressive…and they not only held back the tide of BS coming from the Left, they actually made big advances. For one thing, for the fist time in 40 years or more, they turned the tide on the welfare state, bringing many people off generational dependency and back to self-sufficiency.

They were so aggressive, they even got a Leftist Democrat to sign that legislation, embrace it as if it were his own, and to amazingly declare: “The era of big government is over.”

Republicans could do that again…if they pull those testicles back out of the closet and dust them off.

How?  For one thing, they need to let go of this illusion that Leftists are just people who “disagree” or “hold a differing view” but are really just “good people” like the rest of us.  No, they are not.  They want to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a Marxist hellhole–and they have made that abundantly clear. WAKE UP!

For another, stop standing there like a deer in the headlights when the Left attacks with its propagandistic claims.  In fact, go on the attack yourself!  After all, while the Left has to lie in order to leverage their message, the Right has the tried-and-true traditional principles of truth and what works behind them. Leverage that truth into a passionate denunciation of the poison the Left is pouring onto our nation.

David Horowitz tells us how an aggressive campaign by the Right could be done in his new book “Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.”

In it, he points out a critical difference in the way Republicans tend to view their opponents versus the way Democrats and other Leftists view their opponents, as well as the way they react to one another.

Republicans are practical minded. They want to repair policies and procedures that are broken. They are not missionaries, and they are not selling a land of dreams.

Their practical agenda makes them regard their opponents not as evil, but only in error. It is natural for Republicans to mistake Democrats for dissenting versions of themselves. They think people on the Left do not understand how things work, or how to fix them when they are broken. Republicans would like to ameliorate social problems. They do not delude themselves into thinking they could end them for good, because Republicans are mindful that the past is a cautionary tale. They are uncertain about the future and the consequences of human actions. They are wary of impossible dreams. They understand that many problems are intractible, and will not go away. They hope for a future somewhat better than the present, but are mindful that things could be made even worse. Much worse.

As a result of this attitude, conservatives’ emotions are not enflamed as Progressives are when confronting those with whom they disagree. The conservative instinct is to search for common ground and arrive at practical measures to address particular problems. That is why they spend a lot of time explaining to voters how their proposals might work.

But by the time they reach them, many voters are not listening, because they have been warned not to trust the arguments of “enemies of women, children, minorities, and the poor.”

This is the emotional hate campaign that Democrats wage in every election. There is only one way to confront and neutralize such attacks. That is through an equally emotional campaign that puts the aggressors on the defensive and indicts them in the same moral language, identifying them as the oppressors of women, children, minorities, and the poor. An attack like this would take away their high ground and put them on the defensive.

Tactical Principles

1. Put the aggressors on defense
2. Throw their victims in their faces
3. Start the campaign now (because they already have)

Playing defense for decades has resulted in conservatives losing almost every major battle to preserve the American way of life, and has this country on the precipice of a $17 TRILLION fiscal and moral disaster.

Isn’t it time we went on the offensive?


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