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Opening More Borders

When Newsweek called Barack Obama “the first gay President,” they were half-right. He is also, as the last two years of headlines prove, the first transgender President. Not satisfied with its radical gains for the homosexual community, the White House is quietly turning its attention to a more extreme agenda: advancing transgenderism. Administration officials tipped off the military to this possibility months ago, but today, in a surprising move, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) may have set the wheels in motion.

In what reporters are calling a “landmark” case, “Tamara” Lusardi, an Army veteran who now works as a civilian in the Defense Department, sued the government for “discrimination” after a sex change operation from male-to-female. Four years ago, when his transition was complete, the veteran formerly known as Todd said his supervisors made him feel “inferior” by asking him to use a gender-neutral bathroom so that female employees weren’t uncomfortable.

Despite the special accommodations made for him, Lusardi insists that it “had the effect of isolating and segregating” him from other coworkers, “serving as a constant reminder that she was deprived of equal status, respect, and dignity in the workplace.” Arguing that his employers “reinforced negative stereotypes,” the OSC ruled this week that Lusardi’s employers must allow him to use all of the offices’ female facilities.

It’s an outrageous decision — one that many conservatives fear could put more pressure on the military to change its position on cross-dressing and transgendered troops. Regardless, the administration is putting everyone on notice that these last two years may be groundbreaking for the sexually confused.

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