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How Activists Can Stop the ‘Gay Marriage’ Steamroller


The New Movement – what you can do . . .

How can the pro-family movement – pro-family individuals – effectively fight back? Can the homosexual pseudo-marriage steamroller be stopped? Our recent article, “How the pro-family movement helped spread ‘gay marriage’ across America” got a lot of attention, with many readers then asking us what they can do.

The huge lesson from Maryland – Success and Failure

What happened in Maryland in 2011 and 2012 best encapsulates the problem we’re facing.

In March 2011 a “gay marriage” bill had just passed the Maryland Senate and was on to the House of Delegates. The Governor promised to sign as soon as it passed. In the House, over half of the members were co-sponsors of the bill. It looked completely hopeless for the pro-family side.

But then, possibly the biggest pro-family surge in modern history took place. Suddenly everyone on our side jumped into the fight. Black pastors, white clergy, pro-family activists, Republicans, conservative House members and others all stepped up, and they were on fire!

It was a full-court press on the State House like no one had seen before. The black pastors held nothing back in their sermons. Church congregations across the state confronted liberal House members in their districts with an angry promise to defeat them in the next election. The Maryland Republican Party (not the wimpy Massachusetts variety) placed anti-gay marriage robo-calls and mailed MassResistance materials statewide. Republican legislators organized media events. Prominent ex-gays came and testified.

MassResistance mobilized over 100 of our Maryland activists. Brian Camenker of MassResistance appeared on drive-time radio in Baltimore. The David Parker case (from the MassResistance website) was debated on the House floor.

Within days, a majority of the House members caved in and announced they were no longer supporting it. The bill was killed for the year. It was an incredible victory! As the Washington Post reported:

The Senate vote was definitely a wake-up call,” said Minority Leader Nancy C. Jacobs (R-Harford). “It got the churches involved. It got people involved. Quite frankly, I thought it was going to fly through the House. But once delegates started hearing from their constituents, they started thinking twice..

Read the MassResistance report of the victory and our analysis of how it happened.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. The following year, the Governor himself re-introduced the bill in the Maryland Legislature with great enthusiasm. His wife joined in,  publicly calling the pro-family people “cowards.”

The pastors were fired up and ready. The evening before the House public hearing on the bill, pastors from across Maryland converged on the grounds of the State Capitol and held one of the most fiery pro-marriage rallies we’d ever seen.

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