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‘LGBT’ War on Women: Man Pretends to be Woman, Beats Women Senseless in MMA

Transsexualists have a thorny problem to address: how to compensate for the obvious advantage male-to-female transsexuals have in athletic competition against genuine women.  Remember Renee Richards, originally known as Richard Raskind?  He was a top amateur tennis player in college and the Navy  before undergoing “sea change” surgery at age 40 or 41.   He then turned pro, and even at such an advanced age for an athlete, quickly rose to a ranking of 20 in women’s professional tennis. Only the elite professional players could beat her.  Should legitimate women be expected to compete against mutilated men who still retained their masculine muscles?

The result of such lopsided “competition” can be excessively brutal in the combat sports, as discussed by Molotov Mitchell in the following video.


Video Commentary by Molotov Mitchell



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