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Vegefascists: ‘It’s Not Food, It’s Violence’


Imagine sitting down at your local restaurant enjoying a meal, when a woman suddenly walks in and begins an emotional appeal about the abuse of her “little girl Snow.” She tearfully says her little girl, “has a very determined look in her eyes wherever she goes. And she was hurt and abused her entire life because of this establishment and establishments like it.” Oh, yes, Snow is a chicken.

This was an actual event that took place recently at a San Francisco restaurant by an animal activist named Kelly Atlas. This tearful rant was uploaded by an animal activist group called “Direct Action Everywhere,” an Oakland-based nonprofit that fights for animals’ rights by nonviolent protests.

Atlas was then joined by a larger group of protestors who held up signs that read, “It’s Not Food, it’s Violence.”

One self-proclaimed vegetarian commented on this type of fascist activism. “When I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat meat; but when a progressive doesn’t eat meat, she insists that nobody else eat meat either. It’s all very cutesy and pathetic when they employ juvenile attempts at emotional manipulation to get their way — but it quickly becomes brutal coercive totalitarianism when people like this get into positions of power.”

Watch the activists’ manipulation here:


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