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National Health Running Out of Money… Unless You Want Your ‘Sex Changed’


Remember the Scottish independence vote, which last month almost disunited the United Kingdom?

One of the major issues was Parliament’s expressed intention to make cuts in the National Health Service, alias socialized medicine, which is running out of money. The Scottish Nationalist Party didn’t want any cuts in the NHS.

Be that as it may, today in the UK, if you have a toothache or chronic back pain, you may well be out of luck, there’s no money in the pot to help you.

But if you’re an 81-year-old lost soul who wants his male parts lopped off and his body shot full of hormones so he can claim to be a “woman”–well, the sky’s the limit. For that they’ve got the money.

For some reason, whenever this abomination is performed, it makes the nooze media as happy as kids around a Christmas tree. Why has “sex change” always had the enthusiastic blessing of certain privileged sectors of society? Could it have anything to do with them having totally reprobate minds?

How far has this business got to go?

Meanwhile, British taxpayers–look what you just bought!


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