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CDC Probes Deaths of Children with Enterovirus

By Lorie Johnson

CBN News – Four children with Enterovirus D-68 have died and now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating whether their deaths were caused by the virus or something else.

It’s increasingly important to know what can be done to help protect children from this virus that’s sweeping the nation.

Enterovirus D-68 usually begins with a cough and then can get much worse. Parents should immediately go to the doctor or hospital if a child has difficulty breathing or moving his or her limbs.

Doctors across the country report seeing paralysis as a new symptom of this virus.

“We don’t understand why sometimes in some children, Enteroviruses attack the nervous system,” Dr. Grace M. Aldrovandi, with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, said.

The paralysis usually goes away when the child recovers from the infection.

“There is no specific treatment or vaccination for enteroviral infections such as this one,” Los Angeles health officer Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser said.

Doctors say the best prevention for Enterovirus, the flu, and most any similar illness is to keep your hands clean. Try to wash them thoroughly five or six times a day.

Also, don’t share drinking glasses or utensils and try not to touch your face.

If you’re not feeling well, cover your coughs and sneezes and strongly consider staying home so you don’t make anyone else sick.

If you’re exposed to a bug, doctors say you have a better chance of fighting it off if you have a strong immune system.

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Report via CBN News


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