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Christian, Are You a Hypocrite and an Idolator?


It looks like I’m far from the only one who is pretty disgusted with Election 2014.

A friend I’ve known for years asked me about an important ballot issue in my state last Sunday at church, figuring that since I’ve been a political activist for years that I would have the scoop on it. I had to tell him that I had no idea whether the bill was good or bad, and that I really didn’t know anything at all about it.  I told him that though I was certainly going to research it before I voted, I was so disgusted and so disinterested and so disengaged in this year’s election that I just hadn’t bothered to read up on it yet.

That’s the situation in which we find ourselves–at least, those of us who care about principles, anyway.

Erick Erickson of RedState had some thoughts about this today, and the tightening of many Republican/Democrat races across the country.

Have you noticed the Republicans have given up a concentrated effort against Obamacare?…

We are five weeks from the election and the Republicans’ message? Crickets.

They have not campaigned on securing the border because they do not want to secure the border.

The sure as heck are not campaigning against Obamacare…

I bet the polls are reflecting that precisely. If the GOP won’t fight against Obamacare, why bother fighting for them.

Indeed. Here in South Dakota, our “Republican” U.S. Senatorial candidate is a corrupt fake Republican who pushed government health care and resisted efforts to fight ObamaCare. And this is supposed to get me all “rah rah” during election season?  Spare me.

I understand that political parties are the vehicle by which we effect political change, and leverage legislation for good (or evil).  I understand the invaluable usefulness of political parties.

But what are people of virtue and conviction to do when BOTH parties–at least their leadership–have become corrupt?  Are we to continue embracing the “least evil” one?

I could go on about a hundred betrayals of Republican and Christian values (values that are in harmony–on paper–by the way) by hundreds of “Republicans” around the country, but just look at one race in my state of South Dakota–arguably the most important race in 2014 in South Dakota.

The “Republican” bought-and-paid-for with over $2.5 million lobbyist and fatcat dollars coronated candidate, Mike Rounds, has this record:

– Mike Rounds vetoed South Dakota’s first abortion ban in 2004, sending the message to the opposition that the pro-life community was divided and lacked resolve to save lives.

– After he grudgingly signed the second abortion ban the South Dakota Legislature sent to him, he was nowhere to be found while the rest of the pro-life community in South Dakota worked tirelessly for its passage.

– Mike Rounds voted against an abortion parental notification bill while in the South Dakota Legislature.

– In 2007, Mike Rounds made human papillomavirus (HPV) sexually-transmitted disease vaccinations–a risky, rushed-to-market drug falsely marketed as a panacea for cervical cancer and the HPV sexually-transmitted disease–available to girls 11-18 at $9.2 million taxpayer expense. We don’t need dangerous vaccinations at taxpayer expense to protect against that which responsibility can protect cheaper and more reliably, especially when doing so may actually undermine sexual responsibility.

– Mike Rounds continues to support the EB-5 foreign investor visa program, despite taxpayer losses and a suspicious death surrounding this scheme which is fraught with bankruptcy, national security concernsand “crony capitalism.”

– It is well known that Mike Rounds has met few taxes he didn’t like, and has refused to promise not to vote for tax increases. He received a 56% Cato Institute rating on taxes, and a 41% rating on spending from Cato. Several Democrat governors have better scores.

– Mike Rounds increased the size of government while the chief executive of South Dakota

– Mike Rounds pushed for a minimum wage increase in 2007, a socialist tool that meddles with the free market and causes economic problems for businesses and workers.

– Mike Rounds supported the unconstitutional government health care program SCHIP, and called for more funding for the program.

– Mike Rounds supported government health care structures through Zaniya Project promotion of statist “solutions” that even its own research found unnecessary.

– Mike Rounds supported an ObamaCare-style health care exchange bill (HB 1166 in 2007), and an ObamaCare-style mandate bill (SB 131 in 2007). It’s little wonder that, other than empty words, he would be AWOL in the fight against ObamaCare.

– While claiming to be opposed to ObamaCare, when ObamaCare was freshly passed, Governor Mike Rounds sent his minion to the legislature with instructions to kill the anti-ObamaCare Health Care Freedom Act. This was done at a time when the states critically needed to send a message of rejection of ObamaCare to Washington.

– Mike Rounds attended a meeting with President Obama that was intended to “polish” the sale of ObamaCare to the American people, to make this unconstitutional and tyrannical legislation seem more palatable.

– Mike Rounds served on a government health care task force with former Democrat Senator Tom Daschle, one of the architects of ObamaCare and other socialized health care schemes.

– Mike Rounds opposed the efforts of Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and others to defund ObamaCare last year. The last time I checked, “opposition” to something involved more than just saying you are opposed…or even opposing those who oppose what you CLAIM to oppose.

And yet some conservative Christians in South Dakota are enthusiastically backing this charlatan, and claiming to do so on “principle?”

I hate to say it, but some of these people are my friends, and some I have called allies for many years.

But Pastor Cary Gordon calls it what it is, and he asks:

What evil does a Republican have to commit before you will stop rewarding them with your support?…What evil does a Republican have to commit before you will refuse to praise them?

I don’t know about you, but I have found the answer to that question in 2014. And I repent of my failure to answer that question resolutely in the last election. That’s why, for the first time in my life, I’ll be voting for an independent in South Dakota’s U.S. Senate race this year–one that genuinely is conservative and doesn’t make a mockery of Republican values.

You have a double standard. If you reward evil in one party, while complaining about the same evil in the other one, you are a hypocrite and an idolator of party. Shame on you!

The current situation where some Christians are sold-out to a corrupt political establishment as their last, best hope sounds a lot like what President George Washington warned us against.

Has American really sunk so low that Christians will champion craven frauds who govern like Democrats, just because they tell us what we want to hear during election season?

2 Minute Trailer: “Exposing Situational Ethics,” by Pastor Cary Gordon, from Cornerstone World Outreach on Vimeo.


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