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The Spiritual Attack Christians Can No Longer Deny


It’s undeniable. And it shouldn’t surprise you. But this might.

Despite 1,600 incidents documented this year—25 percent more than in 2013—there are still deniers, who believe that pervasive, unprecedented hostility to religion does not exist in America today.

I know, it baffles the mind. If you read the comment section of our articles, you’ll see more than a little hostility toward truth-bearers.

Nevertheless, denial of these attacks continues to threaten fundamental religious freedom of people of all faiths. This is according to Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council’s “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America 2014 Edition.” The survey was released during the Values Voter Summit Friday-Sunday. You can view and download a free copy of “Undeniable,” follow this link:

Here’s the backstory: In 2012, the Family Research Council began collaborating with Liberty Institute to document the frequency and the severity of hostility to religion in the U.S. Liberty Institute President and CEO Kelly Shackelford and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins write in the latest survey’s opening letter:

“We offer Undeniable 2014 to you, the American people, as an alarm bell ringing in the night. We believe the many public-opinion surveys showing that you, the people, are still a religious people. We believe abundant research shows that religion remains a cornerstone of morality, order, charity and freedom. If you allow the forces of intolerance to steal religious freedom, you will forfeit all these benefits for yourself your children and future generations.”

Can somebody say amen?


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