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Barber’s logic: Violent religion attracts violent people

By Charlie Butts

One attorney gives insight on why prison inmates seem so keen on joining the Islamic faith.

OneNewsNow – Alton Nolen, the suspect in the beheading of an Oklahoma City woman and stabbing of another, reportedly surrendered his life to Islam while in prison on drug and assault charges. Matt Barber, a constitutional attorney and the founder of, tells OneNewsNow prisons in America have become “a breeding ground, a recruiting mechanism for radical Islamic jihadists.”

Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)“People need to understand here that true orthodox followers of Islam, of the prophet Mohammed, are called to violence, are called to jihad,” Barber implores. “So they are recruiting and training up to these homegrown jihadists in the prisons across the country.”

He also contends that the very writings of the Koran motivate some people to commit horrific crimes. And that, he thinks, is what attracts inmates convicted of violent crimes to the Muslim faith.

“People who are predisposed to violence and crimes, as was Nolen, I think, may be just latching onto Islam as an excuse, as a vehicle to carry out their violent proclivities,” the attorney poses.

Barber believes Muslim chaplains are “going to target the most violent. They’re going to recruit them, radicalize them and send them out into the streets once they get out of prison to carry out jihad.”

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