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Ask yourself, what has he achieved?


Spend time trying to think of an Obama success, in domestic policy or foreign affairs.

Has the economy improved? Are race relations better? Do we have the new spirit of unity he promised? Is there a new climate of cooperation in D.C. as promised?  Are the poor better off?  Is the middle class expanding? Have we made progress on the debt, deficits and government spending?  Did he lead on taxes or immigration reform? How about education reform?  Has Obama delivered healthcare reform as promised?  How did the stimulus work out?

Are we more prosperous and financially sound than we were six years ago?

Do we have a secured southern border? Are we better protected from terrorism? How about monetary policy, progress there?  Jobs?  Trade?  Diplomacy? Iran? Middle East generally?  African policy?  Enhanced relations with allies?  New allies?  Can you think of one foreign policy victory?  Is our military stronger, better equipped, full of enthusiasm and motivation, fired up by leadership?

Are we more secure and have we advanced the cause of peace I the world?

Have we improved intelligence gathering and done a better job of balancing security and civil liberties? Is the rule of law supreme, and is there true equal protection?  He promised he would uphold, protect and defend the Constitution?  Has that been the case?  Do we trust him when it comes to surveillance domestically?

Can we say there is more freedom in America today than there was six years ago.

How about corruption? Is this the most transparent and ethical administration ever, as promised by Obama and the Democrats?

The fact is Obama has started more wars and bombed more countries than Bush.

The fact is Obama’s administration is the subject of more investigations and scandals than any administration in history. He is by any measure the most lawless president in our history.

And the truth is his domestic policies have caused more damage and decline than at any time in the history of the nation.

Given all this, doesn’t it make sense to vote for people who tell the truth, promote traditional values, uphold the rule of law, engage proven economic policies, and advance a strong foreign policy that actually strengthens security? Register and vote accordingly, as if your life depends on it, because, your life depends on it.


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